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Get tips on how to navigate the SFUSD website. Speed up your ability to find the content you are seeking.

Search from SFUSD website

The Search function is at the top right of every SFUSD web page and SFUSD school web page.

  • On computers:
    • See Search bar next to the magnifying glass symbol.
  • On mobile devices (cell phones):
    • Click the magnifying glass symbol to open up a Search bar.

Type your search terms into the Search bar and then hit enter.

  • To narrow down your search results, add as many specific terms as possible. For example:
    • Specify school name if you are seeking school-specific content.
    • Include "employees" if you are seeking employee-focused content.

Browse the list of search results and then click on the most relevant result. Some important notes:

  • If you are searching from a school web page, your search results will be restricted to content related to  that specific school.
    • If you want results related to SFUSD more broadly, click the SFUSD home page link (top right of page) and input your search from there.
  • The first results should be the most relevant for you.
    • The website path is included in the search results. This may help determine accuracy of your results.
    • If not, try to add or change the terms in your search.

If you do not find the content you are seeking:

Pending: The SFUSD website team is working on adding Advanced Search features.


Search using Google or other web browser

Search tips using a web browser

  • Always include "SFUSD" as part of your search terms.
  • If you are seeking content specific to a school, specify the school name in addition to SFUSD.
  • If you are seeking content specifically for employees, include "employees" in your search terms.

Search examples using web browser

  • SFUSD Lincoln high athletics
  • SFUSD employees field trip forms

Find content in my language - عربي, 繁體中文, Español, Tagalog, Tiếng Việt

See How to Translate this Website for instructions in:

  • Arabic -  عربي
  • Chinese - 繁體中文
  • Spanish - Español
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt

This page includes tips on finding the translation function for people using a computer or a phone.

Navigate public content

"Information for" pages

What is your relationship to SFUSD? Find the most commonly requested information for each type of relationship.

  • Families - resources for current - or future - parents and caregivers
  • Students - resources for current SFUSD students
  • Employees - public resources for current or former SFUSD employees (for most employee content, log in)
  • Community - resources for San Francisco tax payers, neighbors, vendors, supporting organizations, etc.
  • Job Seekers - resources for people interested in working at SFUSD

Find "Information for" pages

  • On computers:
    • See links in the dark blue bar near the top of the page.
  • On mobile devices (cell phones):
    • Click three-bar symbol (aka hamburger menu at top left near SFUSD.
    • "Information for" pages are listed below main menu items. They have a light gray background.

Menu basics

The public-facing menu seeks to guide you to the information you are seeking:

  • COVID-19
    • Find the latest information on how SFUSD and our schools are handling the COVID pandemic.
    • Includes policies and helpful guidance for families
  • About
    • Find general SFUSD information, including the Board, senior staff, budget information and more.
  • Schools
    • Find a school for your child and enroll.
    • See how our schools work with our community.
  • Learning
    • What are students learning?
    • Find curriculum resources and learn how SFUSD works with students with specific learning needs.
  • Services
    • Find out more about school meals, health services, and other services, support and resources that SFUSD provides for our students.
  • Calendars
    • Find academic and events calendars.
    • If you are a government or nonprofit agency that provides services to our student or family community, you can find information on how to submit an event.
  • Connect
    • Find contact information and resources to help you accomplish what you are seeking to do.
    • Discover how you can get involved with the school district as a volunteer, a service provider, a vendor, etc.

Find and use the menu

  • On computers:
    • See the menu next to the SFUSD logo.
      • When you hover over the menu names, you will see the types of information included in each section.
  • On mobile devices (cell phones):
    • Click three-bar symbol (aka hamburger menu) at top left near SFUSD.
    • The menu categories are at the top with a dark blue background.
    • Click a main menu title, or click the arrow to the right of a title to find subsets of information.

Public and family announcements/ newsletters

Sign up to receive our family newsletters via email

  • The Family Announcement Bulletin (FAB) is a email summary of all public website announcements posted in the previous week. FAB goes out every Thursday afternoon, unless no announcements have been posted that week.

  • The Family Email Newsletter is sent via email the second week of every month. It highlights what's going on in the district and provides helpful information for families and students. 

Information on how to submit information for these communications is included on the Family Newsletters page.

Website feedback

The link to the website feedback form is included in the footer on every website page.

We are continually striving to make the website work better for you. Your feedback is an important part of that process.

For Employees

See dedicated tips for SFUSD employees or others who have been granted SFUSD credentials to log into the website.

Log in

If you are an SFUSD employee, or you have been granted log-in permission, you can log in from any page.

  • While there is non-private employee content on public pages, most employee content is behind the login firewall.

To log in, click the gold Employee Login button near the top of each webpage.

  • Use your SFUSD Google credentials to log in where appropriate for employees or other authorized users.
  • Note that if you are already logged into your SFUSD Google account on the same device, Google will automatically populate your login credentials.

Once you are logged in, you will see a person icon (or your image if uploaded into Google) at the top of each page instead of the gold Employee Login button.

Navigate between public and employee content

Often when you log in, you will be taken to the Employee Home page.

  • That said, if you clicked an employee page link prior to logging in, you should be taken directly to that desired page after you have logged in.

To help you remember where you are, you will see that the employee pages look different from the public pages.

  • You see “SFUSD Employees” at the top of each employee content page.
    • You can click this to navigate to the Employee Home page.
  • The menu structure and menu functionality is also different on employee pages. See Navigate employee content below for more information.

To navigate back to the public pages, pick one of the following options:

  • Click SFUSD at the top, or
  • Select “Public Home” from the dropdown menu near your personal icon.
    • You will also use this dropdown menu to navigate back to the “Employee home page” or to log out.
    • You also see that there is a link to EMPowerSF here.
      • Note that EMPowerSF is not managed by the website team.

Employee home page and search

Many of the most commonly employee requested resources are on the Employee Home page.

  • You will find priority employee announcements at the top of the page.
  • Then you will find the most commonly requested links.

The Search bar works the same as on the public pages and searches for all SFUSD content, whether public or private.

  • If you know your content is on employee pages, you may be able to narrow your search by including “employees” in your search terms.

Navigate employee content

To help you efficiently navigate employee content, here is a walkthrough of the employee menu.

  • District Info
    • Essential tools and information applicable to all employees
    • Note the popular Quick Links, OASIS Announcements, Contact Info and the library of district Forms.
    • If you are used to searching for content based on department, see the Departments page for relevant links.
    • District Info home page includes district plans and key information like Tax ID, summaries of acronyms, etc.
  • Services
    • Information to support you as an employee
    • Find links to EMPowerSF, HR, payroll, support for new employees, and more.
  • Teaching
    • Resources for classroom educators and those who support them
    • Find curriculum resources and tools to support broader classroom needs, like attendance, discipline, resources for multilingual or Special Education students, and more.
    • Also see Quick Links for Teachers, Paraeducators, IRFs, Counselors and Substitutes.
  • Students & Families
    • Employee resources to provide non-instructional/ non-classroom support and services to these important stakeholders.
    • Find information on enrollment, school meals, counseling, after school supports, and more.
  • Leading
    • Resources to support school (and other) leaders as they guide their teams
    • Find instructional leadership, planning resources, and more.
  • Managing
    • Practical tools and resources to support management of schools and central offices.
    • Many school leaders appreciate the Admin Handbook as an alternative way to navigate website content.
    • Also see Quick Links for Clerks.

Employee announcements - OASIS

Find OASIS employee announcements

  • An email summary of all OASIS announcements posted in the previous week is emailed to all employees every Thursday morning.
  • There is a link to all OASIS employee announcements after the priority announcements on the Employee Home page.
  • Find OASIS Announcements under the "District Info" menu heading.

Search OASIS employee announcements

  • You can either browse OASIS announcements one by one, or search for announcements using your specified criteria.
  • Choose one or more of the following criteria:
    • Announcement Type
      • For example, search for a professional development (PD) opportunity.
    • Audience
      • For example, search for announcements for Teachers.
    • Grade Level
      • For example, search for announcements applicable to Middle Schools.
    • Posted by Department
      • For example, search for announcements posted by the Department of Technology.

Post OASIS announcements

Recommended Search Terms

This page was last updated on March 23, 2023