Special Education


Special Education Staff:

Service Models:

  • Resource (RSP):
    • Students receive either push in or pull out support from a SPED teacher. 
  • Co-Taught:
    • Grade level general education (GenEd) classes co-taught by a GenEd teacher and a SPED teacher. Class sizes are the same as other GenEd classes..
  • Mild/Moderate Special Day Class (M/M SDC)
    • Students take between 1-4 classes in the SDC setting, depending on their individual needs, and take the remainder of their classes in GenEd. 
    • SPED classes are offered in math, English, science, and social studies.
    • The classes have a maximum of 13 students and at least one paraeducator.
    • Students work on grade level standards with embedded accommodations.
  • Moderate/Severe Special Day Class (M/S SDC)
    • All students are mainstreamed for PE 
    • Electives options are mod/severe career prep or GenEd options
    • All students take all four academic classes in the SDC classroom..
    • The classes have a maximum of 10 students and at least two paraeducators.
    • Students work on life skills with some grade-level content.
  • Autism Focus Special Day Class
    • One M/M cohort and one M/S cohort for students whose IEPs specify those pathways.
    • Embedded accommodations and services specific to the needs of students with ASD.
    • Class options are the same as the other M/M and M/S options above, however the cohort of students stay together for their SPED classes.

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Support for Families: Information, education, and parent-to-parent support free of charge to families and professionals of children with any kind of disability or special health care need in San Francisco.

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