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2020-2021 SFUSD Assessment Plan Overview

The COVID-19 school closures created an unprecedented disruption in our students’ education.  Many students experienced unfinished learning and social-emotional trauma, particularly our most vulnerable student groups.  As a result, we will need access to targeted information because the stakes for student learning and well-being are so high.  

The 2020-21 SFUSD Assessment Plan was designed to provide teachers and leaders with valuable information that can be used to build relationships with and support students on their learning journeys.  It was informed by reviewing requirements, recommendations, and other guidance from National, State, and Local agencies.

As much as possible, the assessment plan accounts for the challenges of distance learning and the possible transition to hybrid and/or in-person learning.  It includes continuing existing assessments where possible to help educators identify students’ academic and social-emotional strengths and needs, inform targeted instruction to accelerate learning, and monitor progress.  It also layers a suite of available assessments that sites can flexibly administer to support a variety of needs.    

An overview of each assessment category is listed below:

  • State Assessments:  Annual measures that provide a broad view of student’s proficiency relative to grade- or course-level standards and/or skills

Content Area

Assessment Name

Grade Levels

English Language Arts

Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) / 

California Alternative Assessment (CAA)

Grades 3-8; 11



California Science Test (CAST) / CAA

Grades 5, 8, and 11

English Language Development

English Language Proficiency Assessments of California (ELPAC)

Grades K-12

  • District Assessments:  Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan (Senate Bill 98 & Assembly Bill 77) measures for Pupil Learning Loss (Fall Semester) and Pupil Progress (Spring Semester)

Content Area

Assessment Name

Grade Levels

English Language Arts

Fountas & Pinnell (F&P) and Kindergarten Readiness Inventory (KRI) 

Note: During Distance Learning, Star Assessments, a CDE-recommended online assessment, is available for use as part of the Available Assessments

Grades K-2

Reading Inventory

Grades 3-10


Math Milestone Tasks

Grades K-HS


  • Social & Emotional Well-Being Surveys:  Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan (Senate Bill 98 & Assembly Bill 77) measures for Social and Emotional Well-Being Monitors (Fall and Spring Semesters for Grades 4-HS)
  • Available Assessments:
    • Beginning-of-Year Assessments: Curated list of SEL, ELA, and Math assessments(K-12) that can be used at teacher’s and/or site’s discretion to gauge unfinished learning and inform instruction
    • Assessments for Learning (hyperlink forthcoming):  Year 1 focus on Portfolio & Presentation (Grades 3-HS)
      • Students present to their families and teacher/advisor a purposeful collection of artifacts that show their learning and progress towards the SFUSD Graduate Profile competencies
      • Student voice and agency is centered; students are active co-designers of their learning

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