RAVE Nominees 2013

RAVE Nominees 2013

Brady Fell, Administrator – Achievement Assessments Office

“He always thanks the person that he asks help from. He is truly thankful. Brady is very conscientious, is at work every day and very dependable. ” - Nominated 11/2013

David Bates, Teacher – James Denman Middle School

“Mr. Bates encourages his students to be leaders and has a way about him where he can bring out the best in his student and they often surprise themselves.” - Nominated 10/2013

Niki Gibbons, Program Administrator – IT

“Niki is an amazing, dedicated educator who advocates for the students of SFUSD. Niki has given over 20 years of service as a counselor, head counselor and administrator to SFUSD and will be retiring at the end of October.” - Nominated 10/2013

Crystal White, Secretary – Dr. George Washington Carver Elementary School

“I would like to recognize Mrs. White for her dedication to the Carver family.  She is there every single morning at 7:30 am and she rarely and I mean very rarely misses a day of work.” - Nominated 09/2013

Alan Layug, Teacher – George Washington High School

“Mr. Layung is a great social studies teacher. He makes lessons relevant to today's world.  He also volunteered to run the Dragon Boat Program since 2000.” - Nominated 09/2013

Michael Henderson, Position – Bus Driver

“When a child is having a tough time, he is always patient and cheerful. Always a smile, and is great with kids.” - Nominated 08/2013

Gerry Ehrmann, Teacher – Yick Wo

“Mr. Ehrmann loved to turn kids onto math that were otherwise afraid of numbers-he taught them to have fun with math and see the beauty in the subject itself and how useful it was! Mr. Ehrmann was a very fair and hardworking person.  He always taught children to be fair and honest and to laugh at themselves.” - Nominated 07/2013

Ben Ley, Teacher – Buena Vista Horace Mann

“Ben Ley is an exceptionally dedicated and effective teacher, evidenced by the success and achievements of his students, his visible dedication and creativity in the classroom, and his astute assessment of every child's individual progress.” - Nominated 04 and 06/2013

Marlena Pena, Director – Payroll Operations Department

“She works long hours and on weekends to process payroll for each pay period and few people realize how difficult it is to ensure that everyone is paid the proper amount, especially witih Extended Calendar hours, on time!” - Nominated 06/2013

Bill Sanderson, Executive Director – Curriculum & Instruction

“Bill has a true grace in assisting growth of educational opportunities for SFUSD students and community members. Bill is always funny, solutions-based, and pulls of complex problem solving with grace and charm. ” - Nominated 05/2013

Jeanne D'Arcy, Supervisor, Math & Science – Curriculum & Instruction

“Jeanne has been pivotal in transition of leadership, and expansion of opportunities for the SFUSD environmental science center, including encouraging pilot summer programming for the center, and offering opportunities for secondary students.” - Nominated 05/2013

Ralph Hampton, Wearhouse Worker – Finance

“Ralph has been so friendly, professional and always has his team right on schedule and with amazing, professionalism. He has been amazing in helping to create a smooth transition in our donated remodel of the SFUSD Environmental Science Center.  ” - Nominated 05/2013

Louis Grice, Math Teather – Woodside Learning Center

“He has proven to be focused and committed to his students and the professional learning community. And as a teacher leader, he manages to collaborate with other stakeholders as it relates to the welfare of persons, mainly the students.” - Nominated 05/2013

Ling Busche, Counselor – Marina Middle School

“She starts her day at 6 am and sometimes works beyond 6 pm! She is creative, collaborative, persistent and runs many programs including groups, student governments, plans all functions at school! She places her students before herself.” - Nominated 04/2013

Andre Jordan, Teacher – Abraham Lincoln High School

“Mr. Jordan makes it known that students come first. He started a Community Service program for his students. He said we've taken out so much, we must leave behind something for those that follow us. We, his students really want to see Mr. Jordan honored.” - Nominated 04/2013

Megan Mercurio and Constance Walker, Team – Woodside Learning Center Court School, Juvenile Justice Center - Juvenile Hal

Megan and Constance are committed to serving that population of youth that is underserved:  our Incarcerated Youth.  They have integrated relevant and valuable curriculum that meet the needs of this population - hope for a vital and meaningful life ahead despite their current situations and setbacks." - Nominated 10/2012, 03/2013

Mark Elkin, Martha Adriasola, Maria Acosta, Naomi Chapman, Shahrzad Eidgahi, Jessica Frazier, Saeeda Hafiz, Aaron Horton, Marie Lukehart, Megan Moreno, Pauline Perez, Matthew Pond, Frances Wong, Adrienne Wilson, Donna Gurr, Rosa Delgado, Nutrition Education Project Team – School Health Programs/ Student, Family, and Community Support Department

For the past 12 years, the SFUSD’s Nutrition Education Project (Student, Family, and Community Support Department) received funding ($1,605,000 annually) through the USDA Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention (formerly SNAP-Ed) administered through the California Department of Public Health.  Beginning in October 2013, the school district will no longer receive direct funding." - Nominated 10/2012, 03/2013

Amy Cappels, Special Ed. Teacher for Deaf and Hard of Hearing – Cesar Chavez Elementary School

“Amy enables the students to increase their competence via professional services and collaboration with the general education staff as well as the many special education related service personnel in order for accommodations, interventions, adapted curriculum, physical assistance, social support,  and friendship facilitations to take place.” - Nominated 03/2013

Robyn Carter, Teacher – Redding (SA)

“She works with misbehaving students and asks restorative questions to resolve the issue. She is responsible and takes her job with pride.” - Nominated 03/2013


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