City Wide Schools

City-Wide Schools

What does ‘city-wide’ mean?

City-wide means there is no attendance area, and as a result city-wide schools and programs do not provide a tie-breaker for students who live near the school.

Which schools are city-wide?

City-wide elementary schools include K-8 schools, the SF Public Montessori School, and schools with wall-to-wall language pathways (where all students participate in the language pathway). To see all the City-Wide elementary schools, use the "CW" filter in the address lookup tool.

What are examples of city-wide programs?

Newcomer programs are a great example. These serve students who have recently arrived in the US and help them learn English. Other city-wide programs are language programs listed as city-wide on the application form. These are language programs that are available only at a limited number of schools, and have a separate enrollment capacity.

This page was last updated on November 29, 2023