Preparing for the Transition Back to In-Person School

Tips to Prepare for the Transition Back to In-Person School

Practice good health and safety behaviors such as handwashing and wearing masks.

Prepare for what the first day may look like. Rehearse rituals such as picking out an outfit before school. Make sure to adjust your sleep schedules as needed before the first day of school. Please keep in mind the new start and end time changes in the new school year when making transportation plans for your student. Every school will start at one of three times: 7:50, 8:40, or 9:30 a.m. School schedules can be found at

Predictability can help. Establish predictable and simple schedules for the school week with your child and make a list of things to bring to school.

Patience for the transition for you and your child as there might be some behavior changes associated with stress and anxiety. Take breaks and share your feelings.

Partnerships can be formed with parents, teachers, and Coordinated Care Teams at your school. You are not alone and your school community can offer you support and resources.

And don’t forget to celebrate!

Even in the midst of challenges, we must remember to celebrate! Whether small wins, big victories, or anything in between, we hope you find time and space to smile, laugh, and

This page was last updated on May 27, 2022