Information for SFUSD Educators - Math

SFUSD's Implementation of the CCSS-M

The support that Teacher Leaders and sites receive from the C&I Mathematics Department is based on these three goals, that hold true for both central and site-based professional development.

Goal 1: Plan using the SFUSD Math Core Curriculum.

Goal 2: Promote student discourse and reasoning.

  • Provide opportunities for all students to collaborate on the math tasks in the Core Curriculum units.
  • Allow students to struggle with problems productively and construct mathematical ideas with their peers.
  • Use strategies described in the Core Curriculum units and Math Teaching Toolkit that promote the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Goal 3: Collaborate regularly with peers to build a professional learning community.

  • Meet regularly with grade-level colleagues to work toward understanding of the CCSS-M content and practice standards and to plan collaboratively.
  • Meet as a site throughout the year to analyze student work, identify common mathematical understanding and current conceptions, and reflect upon strategies to address them.
  • Promote collaborative discussion around formative assessment using student work from the Core Curriculum math tasks and District Assessments (DAs). Formative assessment focuses on re-engagement versus re-teaching.

For more information about the implementation, the CCSS-M, and more, explore this website, especially the Math Teaching Toolkit.

This page was last updated on June 22, 2023