Math Content Support

This portion of the Math Teaching Toolkit helps explain some of the important and difficult Math Concepts that students will encounter in math class. It is a work in progress and we will continue to add to it over time.


Our page on Partitive and Quotitive Division discusses the two ways of conceptualizing division and has links to video resources. 


Three types of Estimation


Developing Math Fluency

Visual Model Progressions

Visual Model Progressions for Addition and Subtraction in grades K-2 and Multiplication and Division in Grades 3-5.

Math Concept Videos

We currently have videos that discuss the following topics:

math video screen shot
  • Multiplication of Decimals (5th Grade)
  • Division of Fractions (5th Grade)
  • Composition and Decomposition of Numbers (K–3)
  • Two Way Tables (8th Grade)
  • Models for Reasoning about Ratio and Rate (6–7)

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