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The SFUSD Math Core Curriculum is a Common Core Math Curriculum for students from PK to Grade 11. The curriculum was developed and revised by SFUSD teachers with advice from partners such as Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) and the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI). SFUSD began full implementation of the curriculum in 2014–2015.

Parents and caregivers: Learn more about Elementary Math, Middle School Math, and High School Math in SFUSD.
Teachers looking to innovate and still meet grade level standards: What does it mean to use the SFUSD Math Core Curriculum? 

About Our Core Curriculum

Unit Design

Entry Task: What do you already know?
Apprentice Task: What sense are you making of what you are learning?
Expert Task: How can you apply what you have learned so far to a new situation?
Milestone Task: Did you learn what was expected of you from this unit?

A unit starts with an entry task and lesson series 1, then apprentice task and lesson series 2, an expert task and lesson series 3, concluding with a milestone task.


  • All units are built around rich math tasks.
  • All teacher materials are available electronically. Printed teacher units have been provided and can be reprinted for new teachers who request them.
  • Student materials are copied centrally and delivered to sites.
  • Translations of the student materials are provided in K–5 in the target languages of instruction.
  • Twice a year, the milestone task embedded in the curriculum is part of the District Assessment.
  • Standards-based report cards for Elementary reflect the CCSS-M. 

This page was last updated on June 6, 2023