Spring Transfer

SFUSD Spring Transfer Process and Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spring Transfer Request?

Spring Transfer requests are for SFUSD families who desire to transfer to another school in the Spring semester. Families may apply to transfer schools by submitting a Spring Transfer form by the deadline of November 12, 2021. 

Parents can request a transfer to one SFUSD school for a student who is currently enrolled in another SFUSD school (excluding charter schools). Submit the Spring Transfer Form online or by paper (see links to forms below). 

How are students selected for assignments in the spring transfer?

The student assignment system (used for the Main Round, Round 2, and Wait Pool) is also used in the spring transfer assignment run. The same tiebreakers (preferences) come into play. 

What if I change my mind and decide that I like my current school after all?

You need to notify the EPC by submitting the Spring Transfer Request Cancellation Form or email EnrollinSchool@sfusd.edu to cancel the transfer request before the spring transfer application deadline (November 12, 2021). If you change your mind after the Spring Transfer assignment has been made, please contact the Educational Placement Center during the Winter break. Reassignment back to your original school is not guaranteed. 

When will I know if I received my spring transfer request?

You will receive a notification letter in the mail mid-December (see Key Dates for exact date). Students who receive an assignment at their requested school will begin at the start of the spring semester (January 3, 2022). The spring transfer assignment replaces the fall semester assignment. Students who are unable to receive an assignment to their spring transfer request will stay at their current school.

What are my next steps if I don't receive my Spring Transfer request or missed the application deadline?

If you missed the Spring Transfer deadline, you may contact the Educational Placement Center during the Winter Break between December 20, 2021 through December 31, 2021 to learn about your options. You may also apply for the 22-23 school year before the February 4 deadline.

Spring Transfer Forms

The Spring Transfer application deadline passed on November 12, 2021.