AME-Media Arts 2

AME-Media Arts 2


This is the final course in Lincoln’s Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy, which is part of SFUSD’s CTE Program and is a California Arts, Media, & Entertainment (AME) Industry Sector course.  Students will learn best practices and concepts for working with digital graphics, digital video, and digital animation through the creation of various projects. This course guides students through all phases of multi-media/digital video production, from planning, executing/filming, to editing digital footage using various software products. Career opportunities in multi-media, digital video production, animation, and web design will also be explored throughout the year. This course fulfills U.C. A-G course requirements and follows California’s Career Technical Education (CTE) Standards. Students who are part of an academy at Lincoln are required to maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 to remain and participate in the academy.

Student working at computer

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO’s):

  • Conduct career exploration related to fields in multi-media (i.e.: video, web, and animation) and dive deep into ones of personal interest to the student
  • Learn how to properly use various digital recording devices (for still images, video, and audio recording) and associated industry standard equipment to create multi-media projects
  • Learn about Pre-production techniques for video, including: researching content, script/screenplay writing, storyboarding, pitching, & working in a production team
  • Learn about the video production process, including: digital video camera techniques, interview techniques, lighting techniques, and audio lab techniques
  • Understanding how to set proper project requirements based on the output of the project
  • Understanding copyright rules and how to use various creative commons graphics for project use
  • Understanding and practicing proper project management and production planning in your project teams
  • Understanding organizing and design principles for video and animation production
  • Understanding the 12 principles of animation and applying them to digital animation projects
  • Learning about proper visual and audio techniques for enhancing video
  • Understanding the Adobe Premiere Pro interface elements and their functions
  • Understanding and practicing how to import media assets, organize/manage video clips, trimming clips, managing sound, adding text and shapes, and adding effects/transitions
  • Understanding various export options for video, multi-media, and animation
  • Create a professional multi-media portfolio of your work demonstrating various skills/techniques to be exhibited online to show potential employers/internship providers/college admission offices

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