AME Media Arts Intro

AME-Media Arts-Intro


This is the introductory course for Lincoln’s 3-year Digital Media Design (DMD) Program (an A.M.E. (Arts, Media, & Entertainment) Industry Sector Academy). This course provides a thorough understanding and practice with the Microsoft (MS) Office Suite of programs, including: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel, as well as useful and common free office web-based office applications will be included in instruction. Exposure to methods of using the World Wide Web as a resource tool will be explored. An introduction to computer use, operating systems, video production and graphic design will be covered. Students who are part of an academy at Abraham Lincoln are required to maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 to remain and participate in the academy.

Class of students working on computers

Course Topics Covered:

  • Effective use of the Mac OS X computer operating system
  • On-line safety, security, and digital storage methods (i.e.: Google Drive)
  • Effectively using Internet search methods and evaluating sources of information
  • Effective email use for the school and work setting
  • Learning to use free on-line office/productivity products (i.e.: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, and Google Forms)
  • Exploring skills, interests, and work importance for various careers related to the technology/multi-media fields
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction to the Elements of Art (i.e.: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, etc.)
  • Introduction to video production (using Apple iMovie)
  • Introduction to animation (using Adobe Photoshop)

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