Senior Year

Senior Year


Students in graduation robes


Economics and American Democracy through a "Green Lens" with Ms. Ziegler

12th Grade English with Ms. Tesorero

AP Human Geo or APES

Classes at City College of San Francisco


The Senior year of the Green Academy is focused on a community service project defined and designed by the students.  We work with Generation Citizen to led students through a democracy in action semester long project.  Students identify a problem in their community and then work together to identify the policy makers that can help solve that problem.  The semester culminates in Civics Day at which all participating schools show off their work.

2013-Students worked to identify energy wasting activities and infrastructure on campus

2014-Students worked to stop food waste at Lincoln

2015-Students worked to stop water waste at Lincoln

2016-Students worked to address liter and waste at ALHS

2017-Students worked to address poor air quality in San Francisco

2016-2018-Students worked to housing insecurity among SFUSD youth

A green academy student presentation.students meeting with government official


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