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The California Mathematics Council (CMC) is an association of over 6,000 teachers, administrators, parents, and teacher-educators from California, 45 other states, Canada, Australia, and seven other foreign countries who are committed to improving mathematics learning in the private and public classrooms throughout California, North America and the world! CMC offers Math at Home parent guides to mathematics education in English and Spanish.

Math at Home K-12 and early education

Helping with Homework

Family Letters

Every unit in our Math Core Curriculum includes a letter to families giving you an overview of the math content of the unit as well as suggestions for supporting your student at home.

Family Letters in English, Spanish, and Chinese are available for all units PK–5 [español / 中國]. Family Letters for K–5 have been translated into Vietnamese by the Highline Public Schools. Family letters for combined Grade 4–5 units are available in English and Spanish. 

Helping by Asking Questions

Want to help your child with homework? Download this list of questions that will help keep the thinking and learning in the hands of your child. (from

The Mathematics Education Collaborative has practical suggestions for how family members and caregivers can ask productive questions when children say, “I don’t get it!” or “I don’t have any homework.”  

Advice for Families

Professor Jo Boaler's advice for families answers the question: What can parents do to transform maths for their children?

Ahora disponible en español: ​Consejos para padres, de la profesora Jo Boaler

You’re all "math people", but you just didn’t know it

Jennifer L. Ruef writes in the San Francisco Chronicle about how and why we are all math people. Here is what you can do to help your child with math: Listen to them.

Family Math Apps

Research shows that doing a little math with your child every day, with the help from an app, can support math learning for kids and even for math-phobic parents! (from NPR)

Storybook Guides

When reading with a child, take advantage of the math concepts built into a story by talking about those ideas as part of the story. DREME offers a list of books that can be used to share math ideas with kids, along with reading guides, arranged by math topic: Storybook Guides.

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