Group Roles

Collaborative groups benefit from clear roles for their members. Here are some sample role cards that can be used with different grades. Some of the role cards include questions for each role to ask their team. A poster of these roles could be posted in the room to support daily student interactions. These questions could also be modified to fit the particular work of the day. Group Roles can be a focus of Participation Quizzes or Groupwork Feedback.

Sample group roles is available to download from the Math Teaching Toolkit. 

Sample Group Roles

Lower Elementary:

Reporter: everyone does their part; Resource manager: everyone uses the tools.

Upper Elementary/Middle School

Click on the caption for an e-reader-friendly description of roles.
E-reader friendly description of roles

Middle/High School Group Roles

E-Reader Friendly Page link

The page, Description of Group Roles has E-reader-friendly descriptions of sample group roles for middle and high school math students.

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This page was last updated on October 21, 2022