Permission for Non-SFUSD Employees

Process for Authorizing Non-SFUSD Employees to be Content Authors

Authorized parents or volunteers can be trained as Content Authors. Content Authors can do almost anything on your website, but publish or delete content. The content they create needs to be reviewed, approved and published by a trained Content Manager.

Online Process

  1. The proposed user downloads and fills out this 5-page fillable Non-Employee Acceptable Use Form. Once you download it and reopen it on your own device, it becomes a fillable form.
  2. The proposed user scans or photographs pages 3-5.
  3. The proposed user sends the scan or image to their principal or other authorizing employee.
  4. Principal or other authorizing employee reviews and submits the completed form to with a statement that they approve (in lieu of their signature).
  5. Help Desk will process the form.

Paper Process

Please complete the following steps for each non-employee that you would like to authorize as a Content Author:

  • Download this 5-page fillable Non-Employee Acceptable Use Form.
    • Once you download it and reopen it on your own device, it becomes a fillable form.
  • Read the policy on pages 1-2.
  • Share the Non-Employee Acceptable Use Form with the proposed user. 
  • The non-employee requesting access completes and signs page 3.
  • Person responsible for non-employee in this role completes and signs pages 4-5. Important notes:
    • In the section titled Contract/ MOU Agreement, enter "N/A"
    • In the section titled Requested Action, check "This is a request for a new access account."
    • In the General Access section, check "Other" and type in "Drupal"
  • Follow instructions on page 5 on how to submit the completed form to the Help Desk.

If you have any questions, submit a Help Desk ticket or email

This page was last updated on July 18, 2022