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Partnerships & External Service Providers

Who needs an MOU, a Contract, and/or a Facility Use Permit?

Any organization or City agency providing services to students, families and/or staff at a school must have an MOU or contract with SFUSD.

  • Use an MOU for services free of charge to the school/SFUSD.
  • Use a contract for services paid for by the site/SFUSD 
  • It's one or the other: you would not have both an MOU & Contract for the same program or services.
  • Anyone using school facilities outside of the regular school day must have a facility use permit.

Quick guide to forms needed to provide services in schools.

One-pager for SFUSD staff about overall guidelines.

SFUSD guidelines and procedures when providing services for an individual student at a school site.

All About MOUs: Lists, Links & How-To's

Quick Links to MOU Info & Reports

Contracts & Specialized MOUs

Some types of services cannot be completed through the standard MOU process.  

  • See this summary of services that need special MOU forms.
  • For these services, sponsoring school sites, departments or divisions must work with the legal office to determine the appropriate MOU template and approval process.

If your site or department will be paying for the services you will use an SFUSD contract, not an MOU.  

Virtual Services & Tech Access

Tech Access FAQs - when providing virtual services through SFUSD's digital platforms

Tips for Staff about non-employee SFUSD emails (AUP's)

Guidance for Service Providers: Communicating with Students on Digital Platforms

Working with Volunteers

  • Volunteer Requirements - from the online version of the Student and Family Handbook
  • San Francisco Education Fund
    • Sign up to volunteer in a school!
    • Fingerprinting and tuberculosis clearance for SFUSD volunteers
  • General MOU info and FAQs
    • If volunteers are working with an outside agency, the agency must have an MOU with SFUSD. The agency is responsible for the fingerprinting and tuberculosis test for their volunteers.
  • SFUSD Board of Education Policy 4710 provides that parents do not need to get fingerprinted if they are volunteering at their own child's school.

Partnerships with Families and Community

SFUSD's strategic plan Transform Learning. Transform Lives. charts the course toward our vision and requires us to further pursue innovative practices and system changes that will accelerate results for students from PreK through 12th grade and beyond.

Our Theory of Action:

These are the actions we believe are our greatest levers to ensure our overall vision of graduating every student ready for college, career and life comes true.  If we...

  • Engage our students to learn via a rigorous Common Core-based curriculum in a safe and supportive classroom environment;
  • Invest in building and developing the capacity of teachers, leaders and school staff;

  • Enlist our partners and empower families in a community schools approach;

  • And coherently align supports and resources to execute our strategies in action at all levels of the organization (classroom, school and central office, along with supportive policy and governance);

Then, every student who enrolls in our schools will graduate prepared to succeed in college, career and life.

This page was last updated on May 29, 2024