Link Student Learning Between Home and School

What is this best practice area?

Linking learning between home and school means exchanging strategies and communicating about what works best to support children’s learning both at home and in school. This communication keeps both parties in the partnership informed. Linking learning between home and school creates a flow of information between families and schools to support student success. 

Families might ask their child’s teacher about:

  • How their child is doing academically
  • What their child is learning
  • What skills are required for students in all subjects at each grade 
  • Tools to support their child’s learning at home

In addition, families can share information about their child (e.g. what’s happening at home, student’s learning style, behavior at home) with school staff to support their child’s academic goals. It is important for families to have a relationship with their child’s teacher so information can be shared easily. 

As a reminder, you are your child’s first teacher, and your child is always learning! You know your child better than anyone, and any time you spend supporting your child’s academic, social and developmental growth is valuable.

Make This Best Practice Area Come to Life

1. Ask Teachers about Student Learning Goals

2. Prepare Questions to Ask and Information to Share with Teachers at the Beginning of the School Year 

3. Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Prepare Information to Share with Teachers at the Beginning of the School Year 

Suggested information to share with your child's teacher: 

  • Your child’s strengths
  • Favorite things you like to do with your child when you’re at home
  • Your child’s favorite things to to 
  • Your child’s interest and hobbies 
  • Health conditions 
  • Any major changes in your home 
  • Your child’s personality traits 
  • Any fears and concerns about your child this school year
  • What do you hope your child's teacher will communicate with you about

Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Before your parent-teacher conference, make a list of questions to ask your child’s teacher.

You can also review the SFUSD Parent-Teacher Conference tip sheet, available in 5 languages.

This page was last updated on June 29, 2022