English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)

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What is ELAC? 

Each California Public School from Kindergarten through grade 12, with 21 or more English learners must form a functional English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). The ELAC is a committee for parents or other community members who want to advocate for English Learners.

What does ELAC do? 

The purpose of the ELAC (or subcommittee, if appropriate) is to advise the principal and school staff on programs and services for English learners and the SSC on the development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement. The ELAC also assists the school on other tasks listed below

The committee advises and assists the school principal, staff, and School Site Council (SSC) with the following:

  1. The school’s program for English learners.
  2. The development of the Single School Plan for Student Achievement.(BSC/SPSA)
  3. The school’s needs assessment.
  4. The school’s annual language census (R-30 LC Report).
  5. Efforts to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

How can you participate? 

ELAC elections take place on even years. ELAC elections must be completed in the fall at the same time as School Site Council elections. The term of office is two years. If there are vacancies, schools may conduct elections at any time, or refer to the ELAC by-laws as how to fill the vacancies.

The ELAC membership must include parents of English learners (ELs), but may also include other duly elected family & community members. The percentage of parents of ELs who are elected must be at least equal to the percentage of English learners at the school site. 

Only parents of English Learners may vote for members of the ELAC. All parents of ELs must receive ballots.

For more information about ELAC, please visit: https://www.sfusd.edu/learning/english-language-learners/english-learners-advisory-committee-elac


This page was last updated on August 7, 2020