Mission & Philosophy

Statement of school mission & philosophy

Mission & Philosophy


Lowell High School’s mission is to encourage the individuals who attend to contribute their skills, creativity, and intellect to benefit both themselves and the wider community of which they are a part.


Underlying Lowell’s philosophy of education is the resolve that the young people of San Francisco continue to enjoy their traditional option of attending a college preparatory public high school. The emphasis requires an instructional program that promotes sound intellectual and aesthetic values while providing opportunities for self- discipline and individual decision-making. Lowell endeavors to create a just and equitable society where individual responsibilities are clearly defined and personal rights guaranteed. It endorses the concept of an integrated school where cultural and social diversity enrich the lives of all students.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Statement of "ESLRs"

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results


  • Build on acquired knowledge across the curriculum
  • Master the academic and participatory skills necessary for success
  • Explore real world connections to the curriculum

Creative and Critical Thinkers

  • Apply higher-order thinking skills to address issues across the curriculum
  • Develop models to aid in understanding complex problems
  • Evaluate the validity and credibility of claims, data, and sources

Effective Communicators

  • Listen actively, read analytically and critically, speak and write clearly and confidently
  • Use digital, print, and artistic media proficiently and with integrity
  • Interact with social media responsibly and constructively

Self-Directed Learners

  • Establish priorities and use time efficiently
  • Advocate for their educational experience and success
  • Practice habits of positive mental, physical, and social health
  • Act with honesty and integrity

Positive and Productive Citizens

  • Contribute time, energy, and talent to improve the quality of life locally and globally
  • Help promote an equitable and just society
  • Engage respectfully and civilly with people of varying backgrounds and perspectives


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