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Spring is a busy time in the College Counseling Center. Click below to learn about our upcoming events.

    Lowell Juniors: January 2023 Newsletter

    Programs specifically for Lowell Juniors and their families.

    Critical dates, key resources and more.

    Click to check out the January 2023 newsletter from Ms. Aguirre.

    Cash for College Workshop 2022 : Link to presentation

    California Student Aid Commission presented a workshop on "Cash for College" which included information about the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and California Dream Act applications for the 2023-2024 school year.

    LINK to the Slide deck is HERE.

    College Application: Drop in hours

    The Lowell Counseling Center will have College Application drop in hours, to answer questions and help you fill our your application:

    Thursday, September 1st at 4pm

    Wednesday, September 14th during 1st period

    Wednesday, September 28th from 2:30-3:30

    Thursday, October 15th at 4pm

    Wednesday, October 26th from 2:30 - 3:30

    College Essay: Drop in hours

    The Lowell Counseling Center will review essays and provide tips and feedback every Tuesday from 3:40-4:30.

    Essay Help: we have various options available

    If you are just getting started writing an essay or have general questions about the application process, we recommend setting up time with one of our seasoned Parent Volunteers. They are great at helping get you started. You can set up an appointment at the link here.

    If you want someone to read your essay and provide written feedback, our Lowell Alumni Volunteers are a great resources. You can set up an appointment at the link here.

    SFUSD Website Resources, College & Career Readiness

    Archived Resource: College Admissions Panel Event, Spring 2022

    March 3, 2022:  Virtual event featuring college admission counselors from UCLA, SF State University, University of San Francisco and City College of San Francisco

    Watch the webinar recording using the following timestamps:

    • Introductions:  9:00
    • College System Introductions:  16:26
    • College Presentations:  19:25
    • Lowell Alumni Speakers:  1:23:10

    Archived Resource: City College of San Francisco Presentation, Spring 2022

    Complete your application & orientation, assessment/placement, and a counseling appointment to get priority registration!

    Parent's Night, March 15, 2022

    Learn why CCSF is an excellent option for one's educational goals. Learn steps to register and transfer to a university and hear from Lowell alumni, current CCSF students in the process of transferring.

    Application & Orientation Workshop, April 7, 2022

    Where: Lowell College Center, room 116
    When: Wednesday,  April 7, 2022, from  3 - 4pm & 4 - 5pm.

    Get help completing Summer '22 and Fall '22 term new applications. Students who have attended CCSF are required to apply again. 
    **Expect CCSF ID# withinin 48 hours (begins with "@" or "W").

    Virtual help counter offered every Wednesday from 3pm-5pm via Zoom:


    English/math placements are based on high school data entered on your application.  Higher placements may be given via SAT/ACT/AP scores

    Counseling Appointments, April 21, 22 & 25, 2022

    Where: Lowell College Center, room 116
    When: April 21, 22, & 25, 2022

    Meet with a CCSF counselor to discuss your schedule for summer or FALL. This step is required to register.   
    Sign up at

    • Late sign-ups are accepted, but appointments are given only if there are spaces.
    • Application and orientation must be completed before your appointment.
    • Have unofficial copies (pdf) of SAT, ACT, and/or AP scores (may be needed).
    • Counseling will also be available during FRISCO Week: May 3 - May 6.


    Lowell College Center Calendars

    College Rep. Visit Calendar

    College Center Workshops

    Information for College Reps wishing to visit Lowell

    ​​​​​​We are happy to announce that we will be hosting in-person as well as virtual college visits during the 2022-2023 school year.

    We are continuing to use the SCOIR platform to book in-person and virtual visits. Please use this registration link to choose a time slot from those made available on our SCOIR calendar. If you do not have access to SCOIR, please join the platform. It’s free and only takes a few seconds to register.

    Learn more at the link here.

    Contact information for the Lowell HS College and Career Center:

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