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Attendance Guidelines

Absence from School

Regular attendance is necessary for academic success in high school and is the responsibility of both parents and students.  If a student must miss school, a parent/guardian must notify the attendance office in writing no later than 3 days after the absence.

Information Needed for Notifications of Absence

  • Last and first name of the student
  • Student's registry (homeroom)
  • Last and first name of the guardian providing the note
  • Guardian's phone number
  • Guardian's signature
  • Date of the note
  • Dates/periods of the absences
  • Reason(s) for the absences.

SFUSD Approved Reasons to Excuse an Absence

  • Illness/Isolation due to a positive COVID 19 Test
  • Close Contact Quarantine Pending a Negative COVID 19 Test
  • Medical/Dental/Eye Care Appointment
  • Funeral (for family only)
  • Court Appearance / Appointments with attorneys, law enforcement officers, or immigration officials
  • Religious Holiday / Religious Instruction (if student has attended the minimum school day and no more than 4 days per month)
  • Jury Duty (18 years old or older)
  • Approved participation in a school or extracurricular activity
  • Student is in Juvenile Hall or other custodial facility
  • Personal Emergency with Principal/Assistant Principal Approval

SFUSD COVID Reporting and Support Call 415-660-9850

If a student tests positive please call 415-660-9850, the SFUSD COVID Reporting and Support hotline will authorize Lowell Attendance to excuse your student for the full 11 day recovery period (the "day zero" of positive test plus 10 calendar days). Should your student need more time than that to recover, those absences will also be excused.

If you had a positive COVID‑19 test or were diagnosed with COVID‑19, you must stay home, except to get needed medical care. Everyone must stay home who tests positive for COVID-19, even if you are vaccinated, have no symptoms or were recently (within the last 90 days) infected and recovered. You must stay home until all of the following are true:

  • At least five (5) days have passed since symptom(s) started AND

  • You no longer have a fever, AND

  • All other symptoms are getting better, AND

  • You have a negative test* collected on day 5 or later

*Either an antigen or PCR test, including over the counter home tests, are acceptable to leave isolation or in people who have had a recent COVID-19 infection. 

If you never had COVID-19 symptoms, you must stay home for five (5) days after the positive test. If you test negative on day 5 or later you may return to work/school on day 6 or later. If your test continues to be positive or you are unable, or choose not to test, you can end isolation after day 10.  

Please let Lowell Attendance know (via note, phone call or email) that your student will be returning to Lowell before the end of their estimated recovery time.

Leaving School Early/ How to Request a Permit to Leave

1.  If a student must leave school early because they have a scheduled appointment.

  • The parent/guardian must send their child to school with a note that contains the information needed for notifications of absence (listed above).
  • The student must drop off the note at the attendance office when they arrive at school.

2.  If a student must leave school early because they are ill or not feeling well:

  • They must report to the Nurse, the Wellness Center, OR the Attendance office.
  • The staff person who meets with the student must call the student's parent/guardian and provide the student with a permit to leave.

Don't use email

Parents should no longer use email or the online Parent's Verification of Student's Absence Form to notify the attendance office that a student must leave school early.

Responding to Attendance Alerts

  1. If the student was legitimately absent, please follow the procedure above for reporting an absence.  Please allow attendance time to clear the absence in our system.
  2. If you are concerned that a student isn't attending class, please use ParentVue to reach out to their teachers and/or counselor.
  3. If a teacher mistakenly marked a student absent, please have your student complete a hardcopy of this form (linked here) and available from the attendance office, for their teacher to sign and date.

This page was last updated on September 28, 2022