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Lowell HS Student & Family Handbook

Please review our Lowell HS Student & Family Handbook as a support resource for our community.  


Attendance & Closed Campus Policies

Find attendance, absence and permission to leave policies here!

Closed Campus Policies

Students may not exit campus from 8:40am - 3:40pm (8:40am - 2:25pm on Wednesdays) with the exception of:

  • Permit-to-leave:  See Attendance page for more information, have your PTL ready when you exit campus
  • Athletes on away game days:  Have your physical or StudentVUE ID ready when you exit campus
  • Early Release (no scheduled class for Block 7):  Have a physical or digital schedule available when you exit campus

Students are expected to have their Student ID and Lowell lanyard readily accessible.

Lost IDs or transfer students:  Students may pick up a replacement ID and/or lanyard in the Main Office.

Physical schedules:  If a student does not have a mobile device to pull up their digital schedule, they can pick up a physical copy of their schedule at the Counseling Office.  


Food Delivery Policy

Students may order food for delivery at their own risk.  Picking up a food order is not a valid excuse for leaving or missing class time.  Staff are not responsible for stolen or lost orders.  

  • Ensure pick-up location is set for Eucalyptus Dr. and Forest View Dr., food delivery personnel will not be allowed into the school building to drop off food deliveries.  

Parking Policy

Two-hour parking is highly discouraged - students may not leave class or campus to move their vehicle.  See Student Parking Permits below to apply for a parking permit for the student parking lot behind the Lowell Stadium.  



Student Parking Permits

Students that drive to school may request a parking permit using this Parking Permit Request Form.  Permits will be distributed to students through registry.  


Transcript requests

Be sure to read up on helpful transcript information from the Counseling Department.  

If you have additional questions please email


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The Wellness Center

The Lowell Wellness Team is there for you.  They can be found in room 118.

Here is a link to their Wellness Center page.

The Lowell Student Association (LSA)

Clubs, Dances, Elections, Leadership and more!

Here is a link to the LSA page.  

Shield & Scroll

Shield and Scroll — Lowell’s second oldest organization — is an organization dedicated to helping Lowell run as effectively and efficiently as possible. They are an honor and service society with a goal to serve the students and faculty of Lowell with service, scholarship, and citizenship.

See more information here.  

Lowell Athletics

Visit the Lowell Athletics page for important documents, the Cardinals Athletics Homepage, and more information.  

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