Lowell HS Student & Family Handbook

Please review our Lowell HS Student & Family Handbook as a support resource for our community.  

Student Parking Permits

Students that drive to school may request a parking permit using this Parking Permit Request Form.  Permits will be distributed to students through registry.  


Transcript requests

Student Vue Portal

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Lowell Wellness Center

The Lowell Wellness Team is there for you.  They can be found in room 118.

Here is a link to their website

The Lowell Student Association (LSA)

Clubs, Dances, Elections, Leadership and more!

Peer Resources

Peer Resources is a critical support outreach to students on behalf of other students.

One program they run is the Restorative Meditation Program.  For more on this, please link to the Google Form here:  

Shield & Scroll


Important:  To request Shield and Scroll Help, you must be a teacher/administrator/staff on-site at Lowell High School, and by requesting help you agree to supervise the students for the work you are requesting. Work must be done on Lowell High School's campus.  

*** Shield and Scroll Does Not Participate In Fundraising Events. ***

Please Submit Requests At Least One Week In Advance of Your Job Date!!

S&S worker equest form is here.

Thank  you,

Stephanie Crabtree & Monty Worth
Shield and Scroll Faculty Sponsors

For more information on the Shield & Scroll Honor and Service Society, please find Shield & Scroll under "Organizations" on the Lowell Student Association website.


Peer Resources

Lowell Athletics

Find out about Lowell Athletics HERE

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