Dean of Students

Lowell High School Policies & Expectations

The Dean of Students is responsible for supporting student behavior and Lowell’s community expectations.  The Dean aids in school culture and climate through assisting with school activities and events, and supporting Tier 1 strategies for educational and individual development. Foundationally, the Dean prioritizes healthy relationships, safe choices, and wise freedom - operating within the lens of preventative strategies, progressive discipline, and restorative practices. The Dean collaborates with community members in moments of need to repair harm, foster meaningful learning experiences, and strengthen relationships.   

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Get familiar with the Lowell HS Student & Family Handbook.


Lowell students have respect for themselves and others.  Any form of bullying or harassment, including but not limited to hazing, use of profanity/slurs/offensive language, intimidation, cyberbullying, and threats, is prohibited, and is grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.

District Bullying/Harassment page

Academic Honesty

All students are expected to complete their own academic assignments and examinations. Any type of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to cheating, plagiarism, submitting work done by another as your own, or using unauthorized technology is prohibited.  A student violating the academic honesty policy is subject to disciplinary action which can include but is not limited to point deduction or zero points on the assignment; lowered grade; detention; teacher may decline to write a letter of recommendation or report dishonesty in a letter, or rescind a recommendation letter already submitted.

Expectations on Academic Honesty

District Student Academic Expectations page

Cell Phone Use

We embrace the opportunities and variety that technology brings to education, but not all learning can be done digitally. We encourage students to stay focused and to keep their devices safe during class time.  If students are unable to be responsible with their devices and technology, progressive interventions will be enforced.

Expectations on Cell Phone Use in Class

District Mobile Communication Devices page

Reporting an Incident

If you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed an incident at school or during a school program or activity, please report the incident using this Incident Report Form.  Hand the form in person to a counselor or the Dean, the Dean will investigate the reported incident.  


Title IX Resources

If you or someone you know has been the victim of any form of harassment, we strongly encourage you to report the incident to your school site administrator or Title IX Site Officers. Upon receiving your report, the Title IX Site Officer will assist you by taking steps to stop any ongoing harassment and ensure that the incident is addressed in accordance with proper District Policy.  

Resources for Survivors

District Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination page


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