Counseling Department

Updates From Your Counselors

Spring 2022 Credit Recovery is Open

First day of instruction for Spring:

  • February 2nd (Mon/Wed class), February 3rd (Tu/Th class), and February 5th (Saturday class).

  • Classes end in May

Important Links:

**If you need credit recovery, sign up ASAP - once classes are filled they will be closed to new requests.

Grade-Level Calendars

Use as a guide to organize and prioritize your time.

Transcripts, Report Cards, & Course History

  • StudentVUE 'Documents': This is where students can find a copy of unofficial transcripts and all of report cards.

    • These are not live documents and will not reflect any changes made beyond the 'Upload Date'.
  • StudentVUE 'Course History': This is where students can find final semester grades (for all classes) and watch for any updates to grades/transcript.

    • If students have submitted transcript edits or grade changes to their counselor, they can check Course History to monitor those changes.
  • Ordering official transcripts: Students can order official transcripts from the district but check with a counselor first!

Student and Family Resource Link

The Student and Family Resource Link is a SFUSD District-wide resource line to support students and families in navigating all of the SFUSD resources available to them.

Families can access the Family Resource Link in three ways:

*Hours of operation for the phone will be Monday through Friday from 9AM- 1PM. Callers can still leave a voicemail at all hours.