Lowell School Site Council

SSC: Lowell School Site Council


The Lowell School Site Council (SSC) is a 20 member collaborative body composed of faculty, administrators, students, alumni, parents and community stakeholders. Two of the most important functions of this committee are the setting of site priorities (through the Balanced Score Card/Single Plan for Student Achievement or SPSA) and budgeting operating funds to meet these priorities.

While serving on the SSC you will also learn a great deal about Lowell including the many programs it has to offer. Ultimately, you will be able to provide your own perspective on priorities and vote your views. 


Next scheduled meeting:  March 18th, 2024, 4pm room 220

  • The agenda will be posted in the window of the Meyer library at least 72 hours prior to any meeting.

Links to forms and Procedures

SSC Minutes

Lowell School Site Council 2020-2021

Current SSC Members

Lowell School Site Council Roster - 2023/24
Department Term Name
Staff ex officio Mike Jones
Parents/Community 2025 Terence Abad
Staff 2025 Kaitlin Chassagne
StudentShare (Community Liaison) 2024 Hannah Chikere
Parents/Community 2025 Selena Chu
Parents/Community 2024 Mathew Cook
Student 2024 Moirin Coyne
Parents/Community 2024 Leonel Dickey
Parents/Community 2025 Krystal Dong
Staff/Classified 2025 Sandra Gomez
Staff 2024 Jeremy Gribler
Staff 2024 Erin Hanlon-Young
Staff 2025 Karl Hoffman
Student 2024 Alisa Kozmin
Staff 2025 Igor Kulkov
Student 2025 Katelyn Lee
Student 2025 Winnie Liao
Staff 2024 Katherine Melvin
Staff 2024 Jennifer Moffitt
StudentShare (Community Liaison) 2024 Asher Rao
Parents/Community 2024 Elisa Rodriguez Furey
Parents/Community 2024 Camille Seiberling
Staff 2025 Catherine Theilen-Burke
Staff 2025 Kathleen West
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