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Main phone number: (415) 759-2730,  FAX:  (415) 759-2742
Address:  1101 Eucalyptus Dr., San Francisco, CA 94132
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(note map error, Meadowbrook Dr ends at Eucalyptus heading south,
the "loop" part of Meadowbrook Dr is not a public through street!  The main
entrance is closest to Forest View Dr & Eucalyptus Dr)

School Administration

Department Heads


  • Karl Hoffman, Mathematics
  • Jonathan C. Fong, Science
  • Meredith Santiago, English
  • Terence Doherty, Physical Education
  • John Raya, World Languages
  • Alice Kwong-Ballard, Social Studies
  • Julian Pollak, Visual and Performing Arts
  • John Pollock, Learning Resources


Guidance Counselors

Athletic Director



Note: College Representatives looking to schedule a visit to Lowell, email:


Attendance Office

  • Diamond Davis., (415) 770-5228

Attendance Policy (see second item on the Families subpage)


  • Robert Ray




Lowell PTSA (website)

  • Hillary Craddock, President
  • Stan Goldberg, Past President
  • Joyce Tom, Past President
  • Missy Sue Mastel, Past President
  • Lisa Pollard, Past President
  • Jamie Lewin, Past President
  • Steve Leech, Past President
  • Debbie Gee, Past President
  • Wanda Chang, Past President
  • Bonnie Jones, Past President

School Nurse

Lowell Alumni Association (website)

  • John Trasviña, President
  • Terence Abad, Executive Director

Wellness Center


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