Faculty & Staff

Letter from Principal

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I am humbled and honored to work with you as your new principal. As the year has begun to take shape this summer I have felt excited to begin connecting with all stakeholders and to learn about the rich history that McKinley ES holds. An elementary school Special Education teacher and an assistant principal I am excited to continue my learning journey with the students, staff, and community. As we move forward my goals are to continue to be guided by my North Star of equity and equality for all students, support families, and help foster a strong and guiding environment for all of the McKinley students. 

Principal Collins message:

"...It is our duty as educators to not just teach skills, but also to teach students to know, validate, and celebrate who they are." Dr. Gholdy Muhammad. It is my mission to live and embody this statement as I lead at McKinley Elementary School. 


Office Staff

Principal - John Collins (collinsj2@sfusd.edu)

Clerk - Jennifer Hancock (hancockj@sfusd.edu)

Attendance Clerk - Titian Rovera (roverat1@sfusd.edu)

Support Staff

Social Worker - Carrie Tanabe (tanabec@sfusd.edu)

Psychologist - Kimberly Leo (leok@sfusd.edu)

Speech Therapist - Hannah Smith (smithh2@sfusd.edu)

Resource Specialist Paraprofessional - Kim Krogan (krogank@sfusd.edu)

Custodians - Miguel Cuellar, Yong Hong Li

Breakfast / Lunch - Yan Chen 

Non-Classroom Teachers

Resource Specialist - Amy Cancelmo (cancelmoa@sfusd.edu)

Librarian - Catherine Mulligan (mulliganc@sfusd.edu)

Math and Reading Interventionist - Douglas Rich (richd@sfusd.edu)

Literacy Coach - TBD

Dance - Shona Mitchell (mitchellS2@sfusd.edu)

Drama - Eva Langman (SFArtsED)

Music - Hope Cory (coryh@sfusd.edu)

Visual Art - Carrie Wing (wingc@sfusd.edu)

Classroom Teachers

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