Faculty & Staff

Letter from Principal

Photo of Principal Pope

Principal Pope started at McKinley in 2016.  As a seasoned educator, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and a clear vision for the upcoming years. With over 15 years in SFUSD as classroom teacher, Literacy Specialist, and Teacher on Special Assignment, Principal Pope came to McKinley with forward progress on her heart and mind as she continues to work with teachers to fine tune Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, Restorative Practices, and PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Systems). Ms. Pope has a master’s degree from the University of San Francisco. She is very happy to be part of the McKinley family.

Principal Pope’s message:

“The learning at McKinley is joyful and purposeful. We are intentional about creating the conditions necessary for collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and strong communication. We aim to create life-long learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of their time.  They will meet these challenges by being extraordinary thinkers, innovators and courageous leaders.”


Office Staff

Principal - Molly Pope (popem@sfusd.edu)

Clerk - Jennifer Hancock (hancockj@sfusd.edu)

Attendance Clerk - Titian Rovera (roverat1@sfusd.edu)

Support Staff

Social Worker - Carrie Tanabe (tanabec@sfusd.edu)

Psychologist - Victoria Redick (redickt@sfusd.edu)

Speech Therapist - Tyra Morton (mortont@x.sfusd.edu)

Resource Specialist Paraprofessional - Kim Krogan (krogank@sfusd.edu)

Custodians - Miguel Cuellar, Yong Hong Li

Breakfast / Lunch - Ms. CiCi

Non-Classroom Teachers

Resource Specialist - David Hemminger (hemmingerd@sfusd.edu)

Librarian - Abby Woodworth (woodwortha@sfusd.edu)

Math and Reading Interventionist - Douglas Rich (richd@sfusd.edu)

Literacy Coach - Cynthia Lasden (lasdenc@sfusd.edu)

Instrumental Music - Janie Hsiao (hsiaoj@sfusd.edu)

Visual Art - Carrie Wing (wingc@sfusd.edu) and Rachel Major

Classroom Teachers