Reporting Student Absences

The parent/caregiver is responsible for ensuring their child gets to school daily. 

If a student will remain at home, the parent/ guardian/caregiver must communicate with the school in one of the following ways before or on the day of the absence

  • Submit an absence notification via ParentVue (Instructions
  • Email to attendance clerk (
  • Written note 
  • Phone call (415-241-6300, x3) 
  • Parent Verification of Student Absence Form (available in the front office)

(After an absence you will not be able to report an absence through ParentVue and must email, use the school form, call or send a note with your student.) 

In all communications with the school regarding a student's absence please provide: 

  • Your name and identify yourself as the parent/guardian/caregiver of the student 
  • Student’s name Date(s) of the absence(s) 
  • Classroom number or teacher's name
  • Reason for the absence 
  • Signature of a parent/caregiver and current date (if a written note) 

Families DO NOT need to submit doctor’s notes for illness to receive an excused absence. 

The student will receive an unexcused absence if the parent/caregiver does not submit communication for a valid excused absence. 

A parent/guardian/caregiver of the student can submit a request for excused absence anytime during the school year. 

SFUSD Board Policy 5113 

We encourage parents/guardians/caregivers to review their student's attendance record regularly and communicate any discrepancies to the school. 

Students and Families can find out more about SFUSD Attendance policies including what qualifies as an excused absence in the Student and Family Handbook.

This page was last updated on February 2, 2024