New Families

Welcome to McKinley!

Welcome to the McKinley community!  Every year, McKinley has several events planned to help introduce new families to the community.  Information on how to receive communications for each of these events will be provided upon registration at the school.  

Mentor Program

In addition to these events, the recruiting committee offers a Mentor Program for new families. The Mentor Program pairs new families with current McKinley families.  If you are interested in participating, please email:

Before you arrive 

Classroom assignments are generally posted near the front door at close of business on the Friday before school starts.  This is when and where you can learn to which classroom your child has been assigned.

There is no need to purchase school supplies like pencils, paper, or crayons.  These supplies will be provided to your child. A good backpack and a lunchbox (if your child will be bringing their lunch) is all they need. 

Please check out our new family handbook.

First Day of School

Where and When: On the first day of school, students line up at 7:50 am with their classroom teacher on the lower yard near the rainbow steps.

Morning Snack: Please send your child to school with a morning snack. Every day they will have the opportunity to eat their snack during morning recess.

Dismissal: School dismisses on the first day at 2:05 pm (and all other days, except Wednesdays, when dismissal is at 12:50 pm).  The school dismissal practice is the same on the first day of school as all other days. If your child is registered for aftercare with the After School Enrichment Program (ASEP), someone from ASEP will collect your children from their classroom and escort them to the appropriate program (i.e., comprehensive ASEP program, ASEP language program, or ASEP club).  If your child is not registered for ASEP, you will meet your child and teacher outside the front doors of school on 14th Street. Please wait outside the front doors to receive your child(ren). Your child’s teacher will escort students outside. Students must remain with their teacher until they are picked up. Any student who is not picked up at 2:05 pm will be brought to the office for phone calls to caregivers.

Other General Information

School grounds are open and staff supervision begins at 7:35 am. DO NOT DROP OFF your children BEFORE 7:35 am unless a caregiver supervises them.

Stop, Drop & Roll: If you need to drive to school, please take advantage of our “Stop, Drop & Roll” parent-led volunteer program where you may drop off your child in the white zone between 7:35 am and 7:50 am. Please follow traffic regulations (no parking in white zone, no double parking, follow speed limit, etc.), follow “Stop, Drop & Roll” protocol (you will find details in the first day of school take-home folder), and be courteous to all pedestrians, crossing guards and parent volunteers. We want to ensure that we collectively maintain the safety of all of our children. 

Students are not allowed to leave campus once they have arrived at school. 

Breakfast and lunch are available every day. A menu is published once a month. School meals are free for all SFUSD students starting in the 2022-23 school year. If your child has special dietary needs, please contact student nutrition and let the front office know immediately.  Everyone must return a completed Multi-Purpose Family Income Form even if you do not want school meals. Please see our Meals information page for more information.

This page was last updated on September 13, 2022