Stop, Drop & Roll

Stop, Drop & Roll

For those driving to school, Stop, Drop & Roll is a parent-run program that assists students with a curbside drop off from 7:35 – 7:50am.

Please take a moment to read and really understand the Do's and Don'ts of Stop, Drop & Roll.  Following these rules help keep our children safe! 

Map showing that cars must be driving East on 14th Street to use Stop, Drop & Roll

  • DON'T park in any part of the White Zone - not even for "just a minute." The White Zone extends from Castro and 14th all the way up the hill. Park your car in the surrounding neighborhood if you need to give your child extra assistance. 

  • DON'T get out of the car (drivers) - be sure to have your children's backpacks in the car, not trunk. 

  • DON'T drop-off across the street from the school. 

  • DON'T make U-turns in front of the school (go all the way up & around using Roosevelt and Buena Vista). 

  • DON'T double park or block driveways.

  • DON'T pause in the white zone to talk with pedestrian friends.

  • DO have your child ready for drop-off - backpacks within child's reach.

  • DO drive your car as far forward as possible in the white zone.

  • DO unload & depart quickly & safely.

  • DO seat child on passenger side for easy drop-off.

  • DO watch for our crossing guards & the children they are assisting in the crosswalk.

  • DO be on time, you should be dropping off your child from 7:35 to 7:50 am. 

  • DO be mindful of our neighbors.

  • DO volunteer for Stop, Drop & Roll - it's one of the easiest ways to help out McKinley.  

Email any questions of concerns to:

This page was last updated on January 28, 2020