Learning Support Department

Welcome to the Learning Support Department

Each student’s IEP determines the level/type of support needed.


Students participate in the general education program. Services may include and are not limited to:

  • Study skills class to work on transition and remediation of skills
  • Push-in support by a Learning Support teacher in general education classes
  • Paraprofessional support in general education classes
  • Consultations with the student’s teachers, parents and/or other staff


Moderate/Severe (M/S) disabilities

Moderate/Severe (M/S) with AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) Focus

Students utilize their AAC devices/communication systems to share information, comment, and participate in their school and community. This is a self-contained classroom focusing on life and vocational skills as well as independence. Students are given opportunities to focus on core word instruction within these settings. Students are mainstreamed with same-aged peers per IEP decisions. 

Moderate/Severe (M/S) with Autism Focus

A self-contained classroom focusing on independent wellness, life skills, functional math, and functional reading. The program is designed to empower students to build independent living skills such that students can experience the greatest possible degree of self-determination and inclusion. 

Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Students may have classes with SDC teacher and/or mainstreamed per IEP decisions. The SDC program follows the high school single subject model in which students change classes each period. Content classes are offered in a self-contained classroom with a Learning Support teacher.


SOAR is a highly restrictive special education setting that is designed to support students whose educational disabilities significantly impact their emotional regulation, social skills, and behaviors.


ACCESS Program at Mission High School is designed to facilitate the transition from high school to adulthood (for students ages 18-22). Using a combination of school-based and community-based activities, our goal is for students to develop independent living skills. Activities include vocational skill-building in hands-on settings such as Trader Joe’s and Walgreen’s, recreational and leisure activities such as aerobics and ceramics, and academic activities such as classes at City College and specialized math and English instruction delivered daily in the classroom.

This page was last updated on September 26, 2023