Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

In compliance with federal law, SFUSD serves meals at no extra charge to children whose allergies, intolerances, or disabilities restrict their diets. Please complete this form and submit via email to SchoolLunch@sfusd.edu.

Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations Form
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Milk Substitution

Parents and guardians can request a milk substitute for students due to medical or special dietary needs. No healthcare professional signature is required. Please complete the form and email to SchoolLunch@sfusd.edu. Student Nutrition Services will specify that your student should receive a milk substitution when picking up grab and go meals.

Milk Substitution Form
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Vegetarian Grab & Go Meals Available

We now offer all-vegetarian grab and go meals at Mission High School (3750 18th St) and Willie Brown Middle School (2055 Silver Ave). When picking up meals, just let the staff know that you'd like a vegetarian bag and they will provide you with a bag containing only vegetarian meals. Learn more about accessing grab and go meals.

Peanuts and Tree Nuts

SFUSD does not serve any items with peanuts or tree nuts. However, we do bring in products that may be produced in facilities that handle and process nuts, so we cannot guarantee that meals are completely free of traces of nuts, or nut residue.

Allergen Reports & Nutritional Analysis 

Food Substitutions for Religious Requirements

While SFUSD does not offer individual food substitutions for religious requirements, we value providing a variety of protein sources on our menu. 

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