Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

In compliance with federal law, SFUSD will provide food substitutions to a child whose food allergies, intolerances, or disabilities restrict their diet. Please complete this form and submit via email to SchoolLunch@sfusd.edu. Please allow up to 10 business days for the implementation of special diet orders.

Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations Form
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The form provided above MUST be the one submitted. A licensed physician's signature must be on the submitted form to be considered.

Milk Substitution

Parents and guardians can request a milk substitute for students due to medical or special dietary needs. No healthcare professional signature is required. Please complete the form and email to SchoolLunch@sfusd.edu. Please allow up to 10 business days for the implementation of special diet orders.

Milk Substitution Form
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Allergen Reports & Nutritional Analysis 

Allergen and nutrition information for schools receiving Refresh menus is available at SchoolCafe.com/sfusd. You can view the information with or without a SchoolCafe account.

Nutrition and Allergen Information at SchoolCafe.com/sfusd:

  • From the Daily view, view allergens, calories, and carbohydrates for everything on the menu that day. Click on “Make a Tray” to select a variety of food groups and see a total nutrition count for the day!
  • From the Monthly view, turn on the “Show Nutrients” function to view more nutrition information.

To access a comprehensive list of nutrition and allergen information for schools receiving Revolution Foods' menus, you can access a list through our Google folders at Allergen Reports & Nutritional Analysis.

Peanuts and Tree Nuts

SFUSD does not serve any items with peanuts or tree nuts. However, we do bring in products that may be produced in facilities that handle and process nuts, so we cannot guarantee that meals are completely free of traces of nuts, or nut residue.

Food Substitutions for Food Preferences

While SFUSD does not offer individual food substitutions for food preferences or religious requirements, we value providing a variety of protein sources on our menu and offer a vegetarian option daily. 

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