Family Engagement

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Family Engagement

Welcome to the Wellness Policy for  Family Engagement. We want to partner with you to do this work.  The Wellness Policy is a tool for students, alongside their parents and caregivers to create and practice healthy habits in both their school and home communities. SFUSD’s Wellness Policy aims to create school environments where the healthy choice is the easy, most desirable choice.

Learn How To Impact Students Through Family Engagement

Student Engagement

Student engagement - Learn how to get your child involved in wellness activities that support implementing the Wellness Policy. Students can earn stipends by doing meaningful community projects that add to their graduate profile skills.  Here are some of the projects that students have experienced.
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Why Do We Do This?

Why we do this?  To improve your family’s health by the number.  Currently the data show that where you live (by zip code) can predict your health status, such as your likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes? Learn how the environments we are born in, grow up in, and live in have proven to either support or hinder your health.  See how we can make our neighborhoods healthier by using data.
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Adult Engagement

We want to partner with you to do this work. Learn how you as an adult can participate in helping the Wellness Policy staff achieve SFUSD’s Wellness Policy goals. Attend stakeholder meetings to learn how you can help implement, further develop and update the Wellness Policy document to ensure that it is as a tool that continues to create antiracist and equity practices. 

SFUSD Family Partnership  - continue to develop or have an out of the initial stakeholder meeting about the work and tie in.

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Family and Caregiver Resources

Family & Caregiver Resources - We've gathered these resources to share wellness-based activities, recipes, and ideas for healthy celebrations and fundraisers. LINK TO THIS GOOGLE FOLDER , Review Health Education Lessons & Standard, and ?????
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