Resources for Families

Special Education Enrollment Information

Families should complete the SFUSD 2021 enrollment application and list any school preferences by the specified deadlines to participate in the school choice process. The same SFUSD enrollment application is used for all students. Families should attach their student’s IEP (if available) to the application.

Parents may contact a Special Education Counselor at the Educational Placement Center (EPC) if they have questions about the process and to discuss school choices. (For general PK-12 enrollment questions, call 415-241-6085 or email

For information about how to apply to special education programs visit our enrollment website: or download the SFUSD 20-21 Enrollment Guide

Locations and Descriptions of Specialized Classrooms and Services

All SFUSD schools have some special education services available and most students with disabilities can attend a school of their choice. However, certain highly specialized services for students with disabilities are only available at specific schools.

General Education with Special Education Support - available at every TK-12 school.

General Education services are available at every TK-12 school. This service offers the necessary accommodations, modifications and supplementary aids and supports designated in a student’s IEP. Students are assigned to the general education classroom in a General Education classroom for the majority of the school day and a special education case manager.

Related Services - available at every TK-12 school.

Related Services are available at every TK-12 school. Related Services provide specific and specialized instructional supports to provide access to core curriculum and grade-level peers. Related Services may be delivered in a separate education setting per the student’s IEP.

Related Services include:

  • Speech and language services
  • Audiological services
  • Augmentative and alternative communication
  • Orientation and mobility
  • Vision services
  • Adaptive physical education
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Assistive technology
  • Counseling and mental health services
  • Vocational education and career development

Resource Specialist Services - available at every TK-12 school

Resource Specialist Services
These services are available at every TK-12 school for students with disabilities and assigned to the general education classroom for most of the school day. The services provide specialized academic instruction to provide access to grade-level content with grade-level peers. Each student is assigned a special education teacher (also called an Education Specialist) who is the student’s case manager. Resource Specialist services may be provided in a general education classroom, a separate education setting, individually, or in small groups.

Separate Class or Special Day Class (SDC) - offered at some schools.

Separate Classes with specialized services are offered at some SFUSD schools. Separate Classes provide specialized academic instruction for students who spend the majority of the school day in a separate special education classroom. Students may also spend part of the day in the general education classroom, as determined by their IEP. Students in Separate Classes for the majority of the day are assigned a special education teacher and to a multi-grade classroom. Students are provided with specialized academic instruction to access core content standards with accommodations or modifications as needed per the IEP.

Access Transition Program (ages 18-22) - offered at some schools

About AccessSFUSD

AccessSFUSD is a community based program for special education students ages 18-22.  In AccessSFUSD students work on developing key skills and experiences in the community setting, and reinforce those skills with on-site functional academics.  Building independence, developing self-advocacy, utilizing public transportation, interpersonal and independent living skills, work & volunteer experiences, personal development, and functional academics allow students to become more active members in their homes and communities.   

AccessSFUSD Eligibility

  • Ages 18-22

  • Has completed 12th grade

  • On a certificate of completion track

  • Has an IEP

AccessSFUSD Mission Statement

AccessSFUSD is a community based program for students 18-22 with disabilities.  We focus on teaching functional life skills within the community setting.

San Francisco IS our campus.

We strive to help students discover their passions, unlock their potential, and become involved members of the community.  We offer an individualized program that works with each student’s goals and interests to further develop their skills, gain vocational experience, and to create self-determined individuals who are active in their community.

Current AccessSFUSD Program Sites

  • AccessSFUSD: The Arc

  • AccessSFUSD: Bay Street

  • AccessSFUSD: Balboa

  • AccessSFUSD: Burton

  • AccessSFUSD: Galileo

  • AccessSFUSD: Lowell

  • AccessSFUSD: Marshall

  • AccessSFUSD: Mission

  • AccessSFUSD: O’Connell

  • AccessSFUSD: Wallenberg

  • AccessSFUSD: Project Search*

*AccessSFUSD: Project Search is a one year intensive internship at Kaiser Hospital eligible to qualified students in their final year of their AccessSFUSD program

Sample AccessSFUSD Video 

Location of Specialized Classrooms

Most students with disabilities can attend a school of their choice. Although certain highly specialized services for disabilities are only available at specific schools, all schools have some special education services available.

Note: This list is subject to change. Please check with the Educational Placement Center for the latest information before completing your application.

Integrated PreK

Argonne EES, Bessie Carmichael, Dr. W. Cobb PreK, Jefferson EES, John Mclaren EES, Leola M. Havard Early Ed Sch, Malcolm X, Presidio EES, San Miguel EES, Teresa Mahler, Tule Elk Park EES


Bryant PreK, Dr. W. Cobb PreK, Grattan, John Mclaren EES, John Muir Prek, Jose Ortega PreK, Las Americas EES, Leola M. Havard Early Ed Sch, Mc Coppin PreK, P. Revere - PreK, Raphael Weill EES, Sheridan Pre-K

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

PreK - Chavez, Cesar (Total Communication), Lafayette (Auditory/Oral)

TK - Chavez, Cesar (Total Communication)

K to 5 - Chavez, Cesar (Total Communication), Lafayette (Auditory/Oral), Lilienthal, Claire* (K to 8) 

*Claire Lilienthal has acoustical modifications in the facilities.

6 to 8 - Presidio (Auditory/Oral and Total Communication)

9 to 12 - The Academy @ McAteer (Auditory/Oral and Total Communica-

Learning Centers

K-5 - Bret Harte, Garfield and Visitacion Valley Elementary School

Mild/Moderate Classes

TK - R. L. Stevenson E.S.

K-2 - Sanchez Elementary School

K-5 - Buena Vista /Horace Mann, Clarendon E.S., George Peabody E.S., Hillcrest Elementary School, Longfellow E.S., Paul Revere E.S., R. L. Stevenson E.S.

3-5 - Francis Scott Key E.S.

6-8 - A.P. Giannini, Aptos, Everett, Francisco, Herbert Hoover, James Denman M.S., James Lick, Marina, MLK, Presidio, Theodore Roosevelt, Visitacion Valley

9-12 - Abraham Lincoln, Balboa, Burton, Downtown HS, Galileo, George Washington H.S., Ida B. Wells, June Jordan, Lowell, Marshall, Mission, O'Connell, Raul Wallenberg, Ruth Asawa SOTA, The Academy

Mild/Moderate Autism Focus

K-5 Argonne E.S., E.R. Taylor E.S., Garfield E.S., Jefferson E.S., Lakeshore E.S., Miraloma E.S., Sherman E.S. Rosa Parks

6-8 A.P. Giannini, Everett, James Denman, Marina, Theodore Roosevelt


TK Tule Elk Park EES

K-5 Alvarado E.S., Delores Huerta (was Fairmount E.S.), Francis Scott Key E.S., Lawton Alternative School, Sunnyside E.S.

6-8 A.P. Giannini, Everett, James Denman, Lawton Elementary School, Presidio, Visitacion Valley

9-12 Abraham Lincoln H.S., Balboa, Burton, Galileo, George Washington H.S., June Jordan, Lowell, Mission

Moderate/Severe with Autism Focus

K-5 Alamo E.S., Glen Park E.S., Grattan E.S., Starr King E.S., Sunset E.S., Yick Wo Alternative E.S

6-8 A.P. Giannini, Aptos, Francisco, Theodore Roosevelt

9-12 Abraham Lincoln, Lowell, Mission

Social-Emotional/Behavioral Enhanced Classroom

K-5 Dianne Feinstein E.S., El Dorado, Leonard Flynn E.S., Tenderloin School

6-8 Francisco, Herbert Hoover, James Denman, James Lick, Presidio

9-12 Abraham Lincoln, Galileo, George Washington H.S., Marshall, Mission

ACCESS/Adult Transition Services

Access SFUSD at the Arc, Bay Street Balboa, Burton, Galileo, Lowell, Marshall, Mission. O'Connell. Raul Wallenberg, Transition Training Center at Bay St., Project Search at Kaiser.

Site video for AccessSFUSD: The Arc: