Special Education Extended School Year

Extended School Year (ESY) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated December 17, 2022

Extended School Year (ESY) is an extension of existing Special Education Individual Education Program (IEP) services provided during the summer recess to assist a student in maintaining skills on goals and objectives from their current IEP.  The primary goal of ESY is to limit regression of skills gained during the school year.


ESY Dates for 2022:

Elementary School & Middle School - Wed, June 8 - Thur, July 7 (*no school July 4th for holiday) 

High SchoolWed, June 8 - Thur, July 14 (*no school July 4th for holiday) 


Due to distance learning and SFUSD’s emergency school closures, are all students now eligible for ESY?

  • No.  Distance Learning has significantly changed how we provide services. IEP teams are still required to determine the necessity for ESY based on regression/ recoupment data collected and discussed during an IEP meeting.  
  • It is important to remember that all students have been affected by the pandemic and to varying degrees which will require thoughtful and responsive action by all educators - General Education and Special Education alike - in planning next school year.
  • If your child does not qualify for ESY, but you believe their learning has been impacted by COVID 19 school closures, talk to your child’s IEP team about Covid Recovery Services

Who is eligible to attend ESY?

Not all students with IEPs are eligible for ESY.  Eligibility must be based on data and determined by an IEP team (5 C.C.R. Section 3043).  Reasons for eligibility include:

  • Patterns of Regression: Regression is a loss of critical skills after a significant break from instruction (i.e, summer recess, Winter break).  This can include academic, behavioral or life skills.  All students are expected to demonstrate some skill regression after a break, but patterns of significant losses in critical skills may suggest the need for ESY.
  • Rate of Recoupment: Rate of recoupment is the amount of time required to re-learn skills following an extended break from school.  After breaks, nondisabled students typically require some time to recoup skills (i.e., 4-5 days is the typical time it takes a student to recoup skills after Winter Break); however, extensive recoupment periods may suggest the need for ESY.
  • New or Emerging Skills: Some students may be at a crucial point in skill acquisition or readiness.  If students are in the early stages of developing and demonstrating new skills and an interruption in services is likely to undermine that progress, they may be eligible for ESY services.
  • Nature & Severity of Disability: Some students have disabilities that are likely to continue indefinitely or for a prolonged period.  In this situation, interruption of the student’s educational programming may cause regression and render it impossible or unlikely that the student will attain a level of self-sufficiency and independence in view of his or her disabling condition.

How will families be informed about their child’s ESY assignment?

  • Special Education Services will be sending Assignment Letter PWNs to all students who have ESY services as part of their current Offer of FAPE.
  • This notice will inform families of their child’s ESY site assignment.
  • The PWN will also outline the process for accepting/declining ESY.
  • The PWN will be sent via email and letters will be mailed to those families who do not have email addresses.  

How do families accept the ESY offer and enroll their student(s)?

Families can reply to the ESY letter in any of the following ways:

  1. Google Form
  2. QR Code Scan 
  3. Email: send an email to ESY@sfusd.edu
  4. Mail: check the appropriate box on the Assignment Letter, sign, and return via USPS Mail to the following address:

Thomas Graven re: ESY

3045 Santiago St.

San Francisco, CA 94116


Will ESY be in person or virtual this year?

  • Families will be able to select in person or virtual ESY
  • There will be in-person school sites open across all grade levels. 

What are the in-person and virtual ESY sites this year: 

Summer 2022 ESY sites have not yet been determined.

There were both in-person and virtual ESY sites in the summer of 2021. For Virtual ESY, students were assigned to sites for Google Classroom access and class roosters, even though they received all virtual instruction and the virtual ESY site was not physically open during summer 2021. 

Click Here to see the 2021 ESY school site feeder pattern for sending and receiving schools.

PreK In-Person-  assigned to their EED sites or: 

  • Sunset Elementary 
  • Sunnyside Elementary 
  • Tenderloin Elementary  
  • Lafayette Elementary 
  • Guadalupe Elementary 

PreK Virtual-  assigned to their EED sites or  ER Taylor 

Elementary In-Person  -  assigned to one of the five sites below:

  • Sunset Elementary 
  • Sunnyside Elementary 
  • Tenderloin Elementary 
  • Lafayette Elementary 
  • Guadalupe Elementary 

Elementary Virtual -  All families that choose VIRTUAL Elementary ESY will be assigned to ER Taylor Elementary 

Middle School In-Person - all in-person staff & students are assigned to Everett Middle School

Middle School Virtual- all virtual middle school staff & students are assigned to Hoover Middle School

High School In -Person - all in-person high school staff & students are assigned to Everett Middle School 

High School Virtual - all virtual high school staff & students are assigned to Lincoln High School 

ACCESS Programs In -Person - all ACCESS staff & students are assigned to Everett Middle School 

ACCESS Program Virtual - all virtual ACCESS staff & students are assigned to Lincoln High School 

Alternative Programs / Sites -  all alternative sites will be at their regular sites 

  • Civic Center 
  • Woodside
  • McAuley 

How long is the ESY school day?

  • Prek- 8 ESY will consist of 4 hours (240 minutes) of instruction and educational learning activities based on students’ current IEP goals. 
  • High School ESY will consist of 5 hours (300 minutes) of instruction and educational learning activities based on students’ current IEP goals. 
  • Each teacher will develop a classroom schedule, based on student need and Distance Learning Plans, and communicate this to families before June 9th.

Will teachers provide 4 hours of direct (“live”) instruction if they opt for virtual  ESY?

While staff (teachers, paraeducators and related service providers) should be available throughout the ESY school time, similar to the current instruction during Distance Learning, staff will utilize a variety of learning modalities and provide breaks to avoid excessive screen time and/or fatigue. Teachers will provide students with a recommended schedule and clarify any online virtual meeting times.  

Virtual ESY instruction services may include any of the following: 

  • Printed work packets and/or learning kids
  • Access to online assignments via Google Classrooms or SeeSaw
  • Access to online learning software
  • Recorded mini-lessons
  • Live group or individual lessons via Zoom or Google Meet 
  • Virtual support from a paraeducator
  • Office hours
  • Consultation

I would like my student to have their regular year SDC teacher assigned to them during ESY.  Is this possible?

If your child and their teacher and or para are assigned to the same ESY site, we will do our best to assign students to their regular teachers for ESY.  Class lists will be developed once families have had an opportunity to accept/decline ESY assignments.


Will students choosing virtual ESY have access to SFUSD devices? 

Students who choose virtual ESY should utilize the SFUSD device they used during the school year to ACCESS ESY.


Will Related Services (Speech, OT, PT, etc.) be available during ESY?

Yes, we are offering in person and virtual related services to students whose IEPs include related services  for ESY.  

  • If students are attending virtual ESY, the format, duration, and/or frequency may be different from the students ESY service grid but should align with the level of service outlined in the Distance Learning Plan PWN. 
  • If ESY Related Service providers recommend a different level of service for ESY based on individual student need, a PWN will need to be provided to parents to inform them and gain consent to the short-term change.

Will all students be provided with Related Services during ESY due to the emergency school closure?

No, only students who both qualify for Related Services and whose current IEPs have consented to Offers of FAPE that include Related Services for ESY will receive Related Services. 


Can my students have their regular 1:1 para assigned to them for ESY?

ESY position offers are made based on seniority and program need. We do our best to assign paraeducators to classrooms where they are familiar with the students and/or teacher; however, this is not guaranteed. 



How will paraeducators be engaged in instruction if my child chooses virtual ESY?   

Each virtual ESY classroom will be staffed with at least one paraeducator to support instruction and to provide individual and/or group support to students.  All ESY staff should have access to devices and technology, so should participate in virtual learning.


ESY Contact Info

For additional general ESY questions contact Thomas Graven (ESY@sfusd.edu)