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Attend the Learning Academy you participated in during Admin Institute in July. If you did not attend AI please self select an Academy.

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1.  Instructional Coherence: Collective Norming on the Core Rubric

In service of our vision that each and every child receives the high quality instruction they deserve, we will spend our time in this session engaging in the Core Rubric “Core Norming” Process. You can become Core Normed by accurately rating an instructional video using the TNTP Core Rubric 5 times. We will guide you through this process, and you’ll have a chance to calibrate and discuss with colleagues around how you might rate the instruction and why, and what high leverage feedback you might offer to the teacher.

Lena Van Haren, Michelle Chang


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2.  Instructional Coherence: Deeper Learning Framework

In this session, we will make meaning of the question What is Deeper Learning? and understand our equity whys for Deeper Learning. School leaders will have time to connect the dots between SFUSD’s Core Rubric, Deeper Learning Framework, Graduate Profile, and their site vision, goals, and plans for the upcoming school year. Over the course of the school year, we will work together to be able to identify, create, and reflect on Deeper Learning experiences at our schools and develop an understanding of student experiences of Deeper Learning to grow best practices to uplift student agency and voice at individual schools and together across our district.

Emma Dunbar, Han Phung, MS LEAD, Heidi Avelina Smith

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3. Guardrail 3a: How to Maximize the Elementary Instructional Guides to Improve Teaching & Learning


Elementary site leaders and central office leaders connected to instruction - come learn how to bring the Instructional Guides to life to improve teaching and learning in your school! Participants will get to know the purpose and architecture of the guides, learn how Deeper Learning is woven into the guidance, have time to discover timely resources available for new and veteran teachers, and consider how to best utilize the guides for educator learning, coaching, teacher collaboration, and site PD.

Nora Houseman, C&I, Jen Sethasang, LEAD

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4. Instructional Coherence:  Essential Content/Academic Ownership

In this Learning Academy, site leaders and central office leaders will engage in activities to explore, discuss and practice observing how elements of Deeper Learning are enacted in the implementation of Essential Content that activates student Academic Ownership. Leaders will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding through the unpacking of standards, practice how to look for these Core rubric elements in teaching and learning, assess their staff’s capacity to align their instruction, and plan how to introduce or deepen instructional practices in SY2023-24.

Miguel de Loza + Catalina Rico, C&I and LEAD

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5.  No session  
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7.  Guardrail 2b: Culture & Climate – Building and sustaining a sense of belonging for all

In this session we will explore and assess the current conditions of a sense of belonging in your school community focused on students and also including staff and families. From here we will examine data and work to identify strategies to collectively grow or deepen each site’s sense of belonging from an antiracist lens. This will include sharing ways to create a positive and purposeful culture climate and will over time include various frameworks, tools, and resources, including PBIS, and others

Eric Gutherz + Regina Piper + Mimi Kasner + Ruby Nee + Devin Corrigan + Allison Firestone + Panorama Facilitators

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8.  Guardrail 2a: Schoolwide Attendance Plan & System for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism (Street Data/General)

In this session we will be introducing the Equity Transformation Cycle (ETC), diving into satellite & map data in regards to attendance/absenteeism, and introducing school leadership team’s to the Street Data timeline for ‘23-’24 school year. School leaders will begin to hone in on an equity dilemma as well as building a collaborative community with the other Street Data teams for the school year.

This session is specifically for : Mission, Galileo, Downtown, and Balboa High Schools Willie Brown, Vis Valley, Everett, MLK Middle Schools

Ritu Khanna & Jessica Huang, HS LEAD

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9.  Essential Content & Instructional Coherence: Language Arts Adoption PK-5

In this session we will be investigating the Shifts in Language Arts Instruction and explore how the pilot curricular materials align with those shifts. Leaders will collaborate to reflect and plan for supporting educators in understanding the shifts at their school sites.

Lisa Levin and Katie Eller, C&I

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10. Guardrail 3c: Meaningful Feedback

In this session, we will roll up our sleeves and gain skills and practice in observing instruction and engaging in high quality feedback conversations with teachers in order to shift teacher practice, and ultimately the achievement and experience for Black and Brown students in our schools. We will use the Core Rubric as a basis for offering this feedback, as well as the Instructional Guides as tools for supporting teacher growth.

TLEE /LEAD-IRF network, Christina Velasco, Eve Arbogast, Harini Aravamudhan and Kamaria Carnes

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