SELF Competencies: AP Operations

#8. Operations

MANAGERIAL/SYSTEMS LEADERSHIP: Align systems, structures, and resources that sustain a culturally consonant environment in the service of student learning.


Build, monitor and improve systems and structures for school operation in service of the school’s equity vision.


  • Resources: Manage fiscal and other resources to support an instructional program grounded in data about student outcomes to achieve the school’s equity goals.

  • Time: Create schedules and systems in support of maximizing time for student learning and adult professional growth.

  • Systems: Develop and implement systems for regular school functions that allow principals to prioritize instructional leadership responsibilities.

  • Safety: Build and maintain a safe, caring, and healthy school environment that meets the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of each student and staff member.

  • Facilities: Monitor and implement district procedures to maintain the school’s physical plant.

  • Compliance: Know, help the school community understand, and implement local, state, and federal laws, rights, policies, and regulations in order to promote student success.

Evidence of Impact

  • Detailed daily/weekly schedule of classes, student interventions, teacher team meetings, and PD sessions are public and managed by leadership team members.

  • Every moment of available time – in and out of the school day – is focused on increasing student achievement.

  • School calendar of professional development, interim assessments and re-teaching is in place.

  • Daily/weekly schedules create adequate time for student interventions and adult development and are flexible enough to adjust to new priorities.

  • Finances and other resources are aligned with strategic priorities; Aligned external partners are identified and accessed to supplement available resources.

  • School-wide code of conduct aligned with district and school priorities is in place and consistently implemented across all classrooms.

  • Core components of social, emotional, and behavioral supports are in place to support student learning.

  • School building is clean and steps are taken quickly and efficiently to identify and resolve facility maintenance issues.

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