SELF Competencies: Represented Central Office Professional Capacity

#4. Professional Capacity

INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERSHIP: Cultivate high expectations and ensure equitable and durable academic, civic and social-emotional learning outcomes for students and adults

Professional Capacity

Develop the professional and leadership capacity of department/program/school staff.


  • Recruitment: Support the effective recruitment, hiring, and induction of educators and other staff new to the department/program.

  • Observation and feedback: Provide frequent, individualized, actionable feedback based on formal and informal observation of practice of educators and other staff members.

  • Professional development: Develop and implement professional learning focused on equitable outcomes for all students.

  • Differential retention: Support the retention of effective, culturally-conscious, and caring educators through effective support, development, strategic placement and evaluation.

Evidence of Impact

  • The department/program’s recruitment and selection processes align to the department/program/district vision and needs, involve stakeholders from the department/program/district community, and include opportunities to demonstrate professional skills.

  • The program/department  has a multi-year professional development plan grounded in adult learning theory, aligned with program/department  goals, and informed by work with schools.

  • The department/program has  consistent processes to induct, onboard and mentor new staff and provide ongoing coaching as needed.

  • Staff members are frequently observed and provided feedback on instructional practices, with follow up to ensure improvement and completion of a formal evaluation.

  • Progressive discipline and personnel investigations are completed in  alignment with district standards and expectations and in a student-centered way.

  • The lead  team monitors improvements in department/program practice and makes necessary adjustments to professional development strategies.

  • The department/program  retains educators and staff members  who demonstrate effective practices and improved student learning.

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