SELF Competencies: Represented Central Office Leading People

#5. Leading People

INCLUSIVE/FACILITATIVE LEADERSHIP: Engage school community  in change efforts that respond collectively and coherently to the assets and challenges in schools and communities.

Leading People

Build trust with stakeholders through collective work.


  • Relationships: Build and nurture relationships among staff members, school communities, and other stakeholders to foster a positive and productive adult culture.

  • Team development: Build and nurture effective teams to address critical department/program functions and to drive improvement.

  • Strategic partnerships: Develop productive relationships with other departments/programs and with stakeholders, engaging them as allies in securing resources for students and creating the conditions to meet the department/program’s equity vision.

  • Change management: Manage uncertainty, risk, and competing interests with courage and perseverance, providing support and encouragement, and communicating about improvement efforts.

  • Shared decision-making: Develop and implement transparent processes and structures for decisions that provide authentic opportunities for distributed leadership.

Evidence of Impact

  • Program/department team members report that they understand their roles in improvement efforts and feel invested in those efforts.

  • Program/department team members use a common set of facilitation and team protocols and strategies to advance their objectives.

  • Strategic partners report that they feel included and invested in the department/program, including through participation on working groups and committees.

  • Strategic partners are given strategies and tools to support student learning outside the school day.

  • Strategic have multiple ways to communicate with staff/team members  and receive timely, tailored responses to their concerns and questions.

  • Program/department team members report that they feel supported to understand, raise questions about, and embrace change.

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