Program Rationale and Experiences


The Problem

SFUSD has an annual school leadership turnover rate between 25-30%. All of our measures, including SBAC, SEL, graduation rates, among others indicate that we continue to under-serve African American and EL students. Since the quality of school leadership is integral (25%, according to Marzano) to student achievement, it is imperative that we hire, train, support, and sustain a school leadership force that has the right skills to transform San Francisco’s schools into places where all students are loved, feel like they belong, and achieve.

SFUSD implements this program following the models of several districts around the country who are facing similar challenges in leadership retention and effectiveness.

The Solution

If leaders engage in rigorous and personalized support and development during their first several years in an administrative role, they will thrive and be effective in transforming their schools into places where ALL students learn and achieve.

This page was last updated on March 24, 2021