Changes to Transitional Kindergarten assignment policy

Update on Proposed Changes to the TK Application Process

The San Francisco Board of Education approved two policy changes to make the TK assignment process simpler and more responsive to families’ needs:

  1. Starting in school year 2024-25: Add the attendance area tiebreaker to TK, so that TK assignments use the same tiebreakers as K-5
    • This increases simplicity by streamlining the tiebreakers, and increases proximity by using attendance areas to assign students closer to home
  2. Starting in school year 2025-26: Remove the application requirement between TK and kindergarten at the same school site, so that TK students could continue automatically into kindergarten at their same school without having to re-apply
    • By reducing transitions between schools - which research connects with academic challenges - this change supports the district’s academic goals for students as well

This spring, SFUSD sought feedback from the community around these policy changes:

  • SFUSD shared an online survey in English, Spanish, and Chinese with all families who have applied to TK in the last two years or who are currently in an SFUSD Pre-K program, and dozens of CBOs serving children ages 0-5
  • SFUSD also worked with Latino Task Force, Wu Yee Children’s Services, and Parents for Public Schools to co-host four focus groups, including one each in Spanish and Chinese
  • Finally, SFUSD staff sent elementary site leaders and LEAD members a short online survey

All together, SFUSD heard from 372 community survey respondents, 39 focus group participants, and 18 site or cohort leaders.

Community opinions of this changes were very favorable: 

  • More than 75% of parents and site leaders agreed with adding the Attendance Area Tiebreaker to the TK process to increase the proximity of assignments
  • More than 80% of families and nearly 90% of site leaders were in favor of removing the lottery between TK and Kindergarten
  • Many families identified proximity, stability, and simplicity as important factors in their TK decision-making process 

Though these changes will not begin to take effect until the 2024-25 school year enrollment cycle opens in October 2023, families and community members are encouraged to reach out to SFUSD staff at the Enrollment Center (EC) with any questions they have now: 

  • 415-241-6085
  • 555 Franklin Street or 1520 Oakdale Avenue
  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Oakdale office is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays) 

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This page was last updated on September 13, 2023