Special Education Handbook, Local Plans & Compliance

Special Education Policies & Procedure Handbook

About the SFUSD Special Education Policies & Procedures Handbook Page


The Special Education Policy Handbook is divided into chapters containing sub sections with general information for each area. 

Note: This is a living document and is continually updated. Some sections are still under construction.

Please report issues and outdated information or contacts in the Policy Handbook pages to martinj5@sfusd.edu.


Table of Contents

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1.     Child Find Procedures for Locating and Identifying Children with Disabilities

2.     Services for Infants and Toddlers

3.     Early Education Services

4.     General Education Interventions

5.     Referrals

6.     Procedures for Determining Eligibility

7.     Special Education Assessment and Evaluation

8.     Individualized Education Programs

9.     English Language Learners with Disabilities

10.   Related Service (Speech, OT, PT, SLI, Vision, etc) 

11.   Transportation Services for Special Education

12.   Extended School Year

13.   Behavior Intervention

14.   Student Discipline Procedures

15.   Transition between Grades and Schools

16.   Nonpublic Schools (NPS)

17.   Charter Schools

18.   Students Enrolled in Private School by Parent

19.   Home Hospital Instruction - Being revised

20.   Exiting Students

21.   Procedural Safeguards

22.   Dispute Resolution

23.   Parent Rights - Informed Consent

24.   Records Requests

25.   Post Secondary Transition

26.   Services to Adults in County Jail Facilities

Acronyms and Glossary of Terms

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