Educational Surrogates

Surrogate Parents

Special Children Need Special Advocates 

The San Francisco Unified School District is actively recruiting volunteers to make a difference in the education of special needs children.

You can help!

Download this application and return it to:

SFUSD Special Education Services

3045 Santiago Street

San Francisco, CA. 94116

What to Expect if you are the Educational Rights Holder (ERH)

Role of the Ed Rights Holder
The Ed Rights Holder (ERH) has the legal authority and responsibility to assess the child’s educational needs, ensure the needs are met, and make educational decisions based on the child’s best interests.

This includes requesting an initial IEP assessment (60-day timeline); scheduling an IEP meeting; determining what services will be in the IEP, and/or whether the child shall remain in the same school or change schools.

For more information about what is expected of an Ed Rights Holder and How to Navigate the Special Education Process please read this helpful Educational Rights Holder Guide created by Gloria Anthony Oliver, HSA Educational Liaison.

This page was last updated on June 28, 2022