Charter Schools Oversight Committee

SFUSD Charter Schools Oversight Committee (CSOC)

In September 2018, the Board of Education adopted the SFUSD Charter Schools Oversight Resolution - "In Support of Increased Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability for Charter Schools In Relation to Fiscal, Educational, and Socio-Emotional Impacts on SFUSD Students."

The Resolution established a Charter Schools Oversight Committee that is open to community participation, and which specifically reviews the following:

  1. Demographics of students served at each charter school, disaggregated by subgroup; 
  2. Demographics of students who leave each charter school each year disaggregated by subgroup; 
  3. Demographics of students retained year to year, by grade-level, at each charter school, disaggregated by subgroup; 
  4. Teacher credentialing and “proper assignment" and retention rates at each charter school; 
  5. Parent and staff representation in charter school governance; 
  6. The reasons for student transfer to SFUSD from charter schools, where applicable; 
  7. The provision of services to the charter school’s students with IEPs by the school's Special Education Local Plan Area; and
  8. Investigations of complaints received by SFUSD concerning the charter schools.

CSOC Roster for 2021-2022

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Charter School Oversight Committee (CSOC) Meetings

Next CSOC meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 2023 at 5 pm.

Agenda for March 20th, 2023

Meeting will be from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at 1430 Scott St.

The meeting will NOT include a Zoom telecast.


Agendas & Minutes for 2020 - 2021



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