Meet our Community and Educational Partners

Meet Our Community Partners

Our Community Based Organizations (CBO) partners play an important role of serving our students and families.


Samoan Community Development Center

Samoan Community Development Center

SCDC Group Staff

Patsy Tito, Executive Director Samoan Community Development Center

[NHPI] Patsy Tito

My name is Patsy M. Tito, Executive Director of the Samoan Community Development Center (SCDC). SCDC provides an array of services for youth, seniors, and our families. From congregating meals and community activities with seniors, after school program, tutoring, case management, cultural workshops that instill the Samoan culture through music, dance, and language. Strengthening Families Parent/Youth program, parenting education workshops in Samoan/English, mental health services such as Cafe Wellness, Fitness, etc., immigration and housing assistance, employment referrals, and other services needed for the Samoan and PI Community.


For more information, please contact Edel


San Francisco Tongans Rise Up

Anna Mahina, Executive Director, San Francisco Tongans Rise Up


(415) 875-0865

We are assisting Tongan youth and their families 

Liaison to SFUSD w/ various committees 

Supporting families with translations & interpretations 

COVID19 food & resource response


Meet Our Educational Partners

Our goal is to create a pathway to education.

VASA, City College San Francisco

VASA/Oceania Student Success Program and Center was created out of a student movement of Pacific Islander students that dates back to the early 2000's. 

It's creation stems from the development of Critical Pacific Islands & Oceania Studies program, an academic program that was also student initiated. 

Today, serving over 100+ students, the program has a center with a counselor and provides educational support and transfer services for students attending City College of San Francisco.

For more information about the VASA Program at CCSF.

Palaita and Manufou with VASA LeadersVASA Ava Company


Critical Pacific Islands Oceania Studies, CCSF

Critical Pacific Islands Oceania Studies

A critical analysis of Pacific peoples and cultures in the U.S. diaspora and beyond Privileging the voices of native Pacific Islanders, the interdisciplinary curriculum explores a plethora of historical and contemporary topics, including colonization, militarization, social movements, and immigration, through the use of academic and community-based scholarship.

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