Technology Resources for Families

Technology Resources for Families

Revised 4/13/2021

As San Francisco Unified School District begins to support students and schools with returning to in-person learning, the district will continue to support the technology needs of students in distance learning.  Students who engage in distance learning will to participate in the distance learning for all plan and may continue to borrow technology through their site, as needed, using the Technology Distribution process described below.

Students who are returning to in-person learning should follow the technology guidelines provided by their school site.

Technology Distribution, Exchanges, and Returns

Distribution of student technology and instructional materials is foundational to providing students with access to the resources they need to successfully engage in distance learning. This year, the distribution of needed technology and instructional materials provides an access point for connection and a way for school staff to check in with families.

For distance learning this school year, SFUSD has loaned Chromebook devices and internet hotspots for students in grades PK-12 who need technology to engage in distance learning. Technology distribution has prioritized students who NEED technology, NOT every student. 

Families who need to borrow technology will need to complete the Online Technology Request Formavailable in ParentVUE, to submit their request for a new device or exchange. To do so, families must have an active Family Portal (ParentVUE) account. 

  • If you haven’t activated yet, please contact your school site for an activation key and follow the steps  at
  • Login to your ParentVUE account at portal.sfusd.eduand click on “Online Forms.”
  • You can find step-by-step instructions for completing the Online Technology Request Form and a recorded video example at

After a family has completed their technology request, they will be contacted by their school in order to arrange the device pickup. Parents may also wish to contact their school site to let them know more immediately that their technology request has been sent.

A family that needs to exchange broken SFUSD distance learning technology should follow the same procedures described above. When they complete the Online Technology Request Form in ParentVUE, they will have an opportunity to include a comment, explaining that this is an exchange of a broken device. 

If a distance learning device is no longer needed, the family should contact their school site, in order to arrange to return the device.

Digital Learning and Online Platforms for Students

Digital learning in SFUSD takes place online through a learning management system.  A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application used as an online learning classroom or hub. It is where teachers can post and receive assignments, provide ongoing feedback to students, and communicate learning back to families. Seesaw is SFUSD’s official LMS for grades PK-2, while Google Classroom is our LMS for grades 3-12. 

In addition to accessing learning through management systems like Google Classroom and Seesaw, the SFUSD Digital Backpack is a collection of district-approved tools that have been vetted for safety and privacy. Backpacks are personalized for each student based on their school and grade. All Backpack tools are accessed from using a district-provided Google email account. Students need only to click the “Log in with Google” button using the student’s SFUSD Google ID and password (PK-2 students use scannable badges to log in). SFUSD Google accounts and badges are accessible through SFUSD’s Family Portal, ParentVUE, and Student Portal, StudentVUE

When students log into an SFUSD Chromebook or sign into the Chrome browser from any device with their SFUSD email and password, they can easily access SFUSD’s core digital learning platforms from the SFUSD Student Technology Resources site.

Update Your Emergency Contact Info Online!

Families are now able to complete the Emergency Card form online through ParentVUE. Through the online emergency card form, families can update their student’s health information, emergency contacts, and upload health forms and immunization records. Families are also able to update their contact information including their phone number, email address, and mailing address. 

Note: If you already submitted a paper emergency card  to your school, no further action is required. A step-by-step guide on how to complete the Emergency Card Form Online is posted in

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Need help with district technology?

SFUSD has set up a technology help line, called the Student and Family Resource Link. To reach the link...

*If you call between 9:00 - 1:00 on weekdays, you can speak to a live agent. Or leave a message any time!