Identifying Student Groups and School Sites

Identifying Student Groups and School Sites

Our goal is to get students back to in-person learning at their "home schools," recognizing a need to adhere to safety, staffing and facility considerations. We have drafted a plan to gradually return students in priority groups to in-person instruction at school sites in waves, based on a ‘home school strategy’ with target dates.

By the completion of Phase 2A, the in-person learning option will be available to all students in named priority groups.

First Student Groups to Return

For Phase 2A, small groups are:

  • PK/Early Ed = 937 students
  • Elementary SDC Moderate/Severe = 250 students 
  • TK-2nd = 12,272 students
  • County= 105 students
  • Secondary SDC Moderate/Severe = 437 students 
  • Gradual Return to In-person for Grades 3rd-5​th​​​​​​
    • 3rd grade = 4188 students
    • 4th grade = 4295 students
    • 5th grade = 4010 students

Gradual Return to In Person Learning for 2B

  • Homeless Youth = 2,363 students 
  • Foster Youth = 259 students 
  • Public Housing = 2,231 students 
  • Limited Engagement Online = about 815 students 
  • SDC Mild/Moderate students in Grades 6th-12th  

By the end of Wave 3, all elementary school sites will be opened and select middle and high school sites would be open to serve students in mod/severe. 

SFUSD is collaborating and planning with site leaders

  • Hybrid Learning Partnership Protocol with Principals Topics: Use of Space, Mapping In-Person Learning Day, Curriculum & Instructional Resources, Communication Plan
    • Review new safety protocols and identify classroom and communal spaces to support instructional model with 14:1 ratio. 
    • Plan new occupancies and flow of traffic to support safety guidelines and identified new routines necessary for students and staff. 
    • Identify outdoor spaces for each cohort and instructional strategies to support learning outside, ensuring safety protocols and student ratios are maintained throughout the day.