Types of Student Support

Early Childhood Special Education

Early Start: Birth to 36 months

The San Francisco Unified School District Early Start Program provides family- centered services to families and their children ages birth to 36 months of age who have a solely low incidence disability: hearing, visual or severe orthopedic impairment or a combination thereof.

Preschool Special Education Services: 3-5 years of age

Three to five-year old children may be referred to SFUSD Preschool Intake to determine their eligibility for special education services. Once an assessment is completed, an Initial Individualized Education Program is developed.

Contact the Pre-School Intake Unit at (415) 401-2525 x1101 or Email: ecreferrals@sfusd.edu

Early Childhood Special Education Assessment Unit

*Currently Closed to the Public due to Covid 19. During this time you can contact this office via phone or email.

Phone: (415) 401-2525 x1101
Email: ecreferrals@sfusd.edu
Fax: (415) 920-5075 

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM



Seeds of Partnership assists special educators, administrators, staff, and families involved in programs for children with disabilities. We aim to create or provide avenues and tools to increase improvement of partnerships, provide professional development resources, and tools that will assist LEAs seeking to improve their family engagement program practices and educational outcomes. This project is funded by the California Department of Education (CDE), Special Education Division (SED) and is under the auspices of the Sacramento County Office of Education.

The Alert Program

Through the Alert Program®, you’ll learn about self-regulation – so things like rising and shining, staying alert for learning at school, and winding down to go to bed come more easily. Our low-budget, family-friendly, scientifically sound approach will help you see your child in a new way; It’s not hard. Small adjustments to your child’s daily routine can bring about big results.

Hand in Hand Parenting

Hand in Hand Parenting helps parents when parenting gets hard. Our parenting approach builds resilient families and supportive communities of parents and professionals.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Summaries of Effective Practices for Supporting Children's Social-Emotional Development and Preventing Challenging Behaviors.

Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children

Early Start Special Education Series

Early Childhood Special Education Series