Medical Care and Work Status Reports

Medical Care

Athens Administrators

Employee will work with their Athens Administrators claims examiner and their treating physician for additional care, if required. Athens Administrators is SFUSD’s workers’ compensation claims administrator.

Work Status Reports (“doctor’s note”)

This is the report/form provided by an employee’s treating physician following each visit and lists work restrictions, if any.

Following each doctor’s appointment - whether an employee is working or on temporary disability leave - they must obtain a work status report and provide a copy to both their supervisor(s) AND Human Resources. Scan and email Work Status

If an employee is unable to provide a copy of their work status report on the same day as their appointment, they must inform their supervisor and the return-to-work coordinator by telephone or email the status they have been given: regular work (“full duty”), taken off work completely (temporarily disabled), or given work restrictions. Work restrictions should also be provided (i.e., spelled out).

Employees bear responsibility for being paid correctly. If an employee is taken off work completely and does not notify their supervisor and the return-to-work coordinator, they risk not being paid the correct benefits for the correct period.

Medical Provider Network

Please note SFUSD utilizes a medical provider network (MPN) to designate medical providers. See Pamphlet for additional information.

MPN Pamphlet - English

MPN Pamphlet - Spanish

MPN Pamphlet - Chinese

Predesignation of Personal Physician

Allows an employee to select their treating physician for work-related injuries and illnesses. Must be on file prior to an injury or onset of an illness in order to be valid for that injury/illness.

Predesignation of Personal Physician - Spanish

Predesignation of Personal Physician - Chinese

Time Missed for Medical Appointments

Workers’ compensation benefits do not pay for time missed for medical appointments. An employee must use their accrued sick time in order to be paid. See AR 4157.1.

This page was last updated on May 15, 2023